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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Toby Marlowe

ISBN 0786004290
Publish Date 11/1/1997
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Legal
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An electrifying novel of legal cunning, sizzling sexuality, and deadly mystery set in a world of high-priced athletes, battling attorneys...and a verdict worth killing for.

Rising criminal attorney Keri Adams has just been handed the case of a lifetime: a star athlete has been charged with a cold-blooded sex killing.

Defending magnetic Brian Michaels will take Keri from the glitter of downtown Miami to the pulsing night life of Coconut Grove, from the sparkling waters of Biscayne Bay to the hushed silence of a stunned courtroom—and into a liaison as dangerous as it is taboo.

During this sweltering Florida summer, as the high-profile case explodes in a trial branded by lies, fatal attractions and tabloid scandals, every rule of law will be challenged...every ethical boundary broken. Torn between her obsession for Michaels and her commitment to justice, Keri knows there's only one way to discover whether the man she loves is guilty or innocent...

To let the real killer come to her...

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