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Shooter's Point

Alice Christensen

ISBN 1575666820
Publish Date 10/1/2001
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Dafina, Mystery
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Gary Phillips' Ivan Monk series made fans of mystery masters like Walter Mosely, Sara Paretsky, and Wendy Hornsby. Others were equally excited when he introduced Martha Chainey, the hard-bodied, hard-boiled heroine of High Hand. “You're about to take a wild ride,” warned Edgar-Award Winner Jan Burke, and bestselling author Rene Swindle called High Hand “a pleasure to read.” Now Phillips scores another bulls-eye with Shooter's Point—returning Chainey to Las Vegas' neon Never-Neverland for a second suspenseful tour de force.

Las Vegas is pumped to the max on the night the much hyped heavy-weight title fight hits the Strip. With charismatic newcomer Joaquin Muhammed taking on popular champ Tyler Jeffries—and the added attraction of platinum-selling rapper King Diamond giving a warm-up concert—the streets are buzzing with fervid fans, millionaires, celebrities, hiphoppers, pimps and players—all on a delirious pre-fight high.

In the middle of the match, a shot rings out and Jeffries goes down. Not exactly a fair fight, muses Martha Chainey, the buff and tough ex-show girl who makes her living transporting large sums of unreported cash for casino owners. In the uproar that follows, Chainey is yanked aside by Victoria DeGault, the owner of the Riverhead Casino. Seems somebody snatched the 5 million dollar side bet Victoria was holding. If Chainey can recover the loot, there's a cool 250 grand in it for her.

But when a good friend is iced, the job becomes personal, and Chainey takes off into a frenzied night as cops and the National Guard seal off the Strip. With helicopter searchlights sweeping across the crowd, people with all kinds of agendas are making the World Trade Organization Battle in Seattle look like day care. Soon Chainy learns that Jeffries' murder is only part of a larger scheme at play. She also finds that though she may be the ultimate Vegas insider, she's up against a powerful killer who knows even more secrets than she does…

From its explosive opening to its electrifying finish, Shooter's Point delivers non-stop tension and suspense. Smart, fresh, and compelling, it's too hot to put down. 

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