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The African Cookbook

Bea Sandler

ISBN 0806513985
Publish Date 4/1/2001
Format Paperback
Categories Citadel, Cooking
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The First publication of this book was significant both as a culinary event and as a cultural one, for it was the first volume on African cooking to appear in this country or anywhere outside of Africa.

The late Bea Sandler was a gifted cook, a restaurant consultant, a frequent lecturer, and a national food magazine editor for many years. Ms. Sandler became infatuated with African cooking and inspire by these delicious and virtually unknown dishes, traveled throughout Africa collecting recipes and learning about African eating customs and methods of food preparation. The author’s findings are here presented – menus for complete meals form eleven African countries: Senegal, the Sudan, Mozambique, the Malagasy Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, and Tanzania. She has devoted a chapter to each country, telling something about the food and serving customs and offering suggestions on how an American might present an African meal with some degree of authenticity. The chapters are followed by a varied and interesting collection of African recipes conveniently arranged by courses. The ingredients are all available in supermarkets and specialty food stores. This is the first paperback edition of a book that will enrich any cookbook shelf.

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