Mrs. Morris and the Witch: A Salem B&B Mystery #2

Traci Wilton

ISBN 9781496721549
Publish Date 4/28/2020
Format ePub
Categories Cozy, Kensington
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Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year in Salem, Massachusetts—but when B&B owner Charlene Morris finds the dead body of a witch, it spells trouble . . .
Charlene, recently widowed, has renovated her historic mansion just in time to greet guests arriving for the town’s annual Halloween festivities. She’s lucky to have a helpful staff to provide support—as well as a handsome ghost named Jack standing invisibly by her side.
Unfortunately, while the revelers head out on haunted tours, have their fortunes told, or grab a drink at Brews and Broomsticks, a killer walks among them. When Charlene discovers Morganna, a local Wiccan, dead in her shop, she starts getting cozy with the local coven, looking for clues to locate the crafty culprit. Salem may be famous for the false accusations of witchery in centuries past, but this time someone is genuinely guilty—of murder . . .

About Traci Wilton:

Traci Wilton is a pseudonym of Traci Hall and Patrice Wilton. Patrice Wilton is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty books, some indie-published and some published by Amazon/Montlake. Traci Hall is the USA Today bestselling author of more than 50 books--some indie-published and some published by Medallion Press and Samhain Publishing. Patrice and Traci are both seasoned, savvy, aggressive self-promoters and are excited about getting behind this series.

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