Light Shines on Promise Lodge: Promise Lodge #5

Charlotte Hubbard

ISBN 9781420145144
Publish Date 3/31/2020
Format ePub
Categories Romance Inspirational, Fiction Inspirational, Kensington Ebooks
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With autumn in full brilliant color, the Amish of Promise Lodge celebrate a successful harvest—and a community rooted in deep friendship. But as cold winds of judgment cast doubt and fear, residents will need each other more than ever to weather the storm . . .

For abandoned wife Annabelle Beachey, Promise Lodge is a refuge where she's gained confidence and self-sufficiency. But she and others are dismayed when newly arrived Bishop Clayton King claims the community is too progressive and sets out to change its ways. Worse, her husband, Phineas, returns, expecting her to give up her faith as he has. And he won't leave Promise Lodge without her . . .

But little by little, Annabelle's determination and new forthrightness make Phineas realize his mistakes—and truly hear his wife for the first time. Meanwhile, Annabelle finds herself feeling compassion—and even renewed love—for her newly humble, more caring husband. And as Bishop Clayton’s attempt to control Promise Lodge threatens everything its residents have built, Phineas and Annabelle must work together with unshakeable courage to save their new home—and their opportunity for forever happiness.

Praise for Promise Lodge

“Hubbard firmly grounds the storyline in the principle of Amish grace.” —Publishers Weekly

“Hubbard writes of healing and brave new beginnings from a refreshingly feminist perspec-tive.” —Booklist (starred review)

About Charlotte Hubbard:

Drawing upon her experiences in Jamesport, the largest Old Order Amish community west of the Mississippi, longtime Missourian Charlotte Hubbard writes of simpler times and a faith-based lifestyle. Charlotte considers it her personal mission to feed people—to share hearth and home. Faith and family, farming and food preservation are hallmarks of her lifestyle—and the foundation of all her Amish romance series. She’s a deacon, a dedicated church musician, and a choir member. When she’s not writing, she loves to try new recipes, crochet, and sew. Charlotte now lives in Minnesota with her husband and their border collie. Please visit Charlotte online at CharlotteHubbard.com.

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A book that will hold your attention from beginning to end! (Sunday, March 29, 2020)
Reviewer: Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader

Light Shines on Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard is the fifth novel in the Promise Lodge Series. I do recommend reading the series in order. It is the best way to understand the people and the community. I enjoyed reading Light Shines on Promise Lodge, and I did not want this delightful story to end. I thought it was well-written with steady pacing and a good flow. The characters are developed as well as endearing and continue to grow as individuals. All our favorites are back (Bishop Monroe, Christine, Preacher Amos Troyer, Gloria, Allen, Laura, etc.) plus we have the addition of Annabelle and Phineas Beachey. Annabelle’s husband left her to become English. She only knew he left because she caught him searching for her egg money. After her brother-in-law took over the farm and made Annabelle feel like a charity case, she relocated to Promise Lodge. Annabelle develops a backbone along with loving friends who care and support her. Phineas is determined to stay, but he will need to change his ways if wants to win back his wife. Cyrus Helmuth and his older brother, Jonathan make a wager that will end up causing hurt feelings. Hopefully, the pair will do some maturing along the way and learn a life lesson or two. Bishop Clayton King shows up at Promise Lodge claiming their community is too progressive. He is intent on making changes. Trouble has come to their peaceful community. Light Shines on Promise Lodge was an interesting story with its various storylines. I like how everything played out including the appearance of some special guests (I cannot say too much, or it will spoil it for you). I especially liked the mystery surrounding Bishop King. I have enjoyed watching Gloria go from a girl chasing boys to a woman who manages the cabins and apartments at the lodge. There are recipes from the Promise Lodge kitchen at the end of the book. Light Shines on Promise Lodge is a story about forgiveness, love, friendship, family, community and second chances. Charlotte Hubbard is a storyteller of the highest caliber. She weaves a tale that will capture and hold your attention from beginning to end. I hope there will be many more stories in this charming series.

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