Loving Jenna

Amy Lillard

ISBN 9781420149579
Publish Date 2/25/2020
Format ePub
Categories Romance Inspirational, Fiction Inspirational, Kensington Ebooks
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In this new series set in the beloved Oklahoma Amish community of Wells Landing, three generations of women challenge themselves and each other to make a fresh start in faith, family—and love.

Jenna Burkhart is tired of being “special” and hearing about what she can't do. Even though she suffered a head injury in a childhood swimming accident, she wants a life of her own just like any Amish woman. But now that she, her mamm, and her mammi have moved to Wells Landing, she's having a hard time fitting in. . . . Until she meets Buddy Miller, a boy just like her, who gives her the confidence to reach for the impossible . . .

Like Jenna, Buddy is used to being the boy no one expects much from, the one people see as “different.” Still, being around Jenna’s lively, kind-hearted ways makes him strive ever-harder to become the self-sufficient Amish man she deserves. But in the face of family disapproval and their own fears, will Jenna and Buddy's courage be enough to give them a forever happiness together?

Praise for Amy Lillard and her Wells Landing novels

“An inspirational story of romance, faith, and trust . . . will appeal to fans of Wanda Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis.” —Library Journal

“Fans of inspirational romance will appreciate Lillard’s vivid characters and positive message.” –Publishers Weekly

About Amy Lillard:

Amy Lillard is an award-winning author of over forty novels and novellas ranging from Amish romance and mysteries to contemporary and historical romance. Since receiving a Carol Award for her debut novel, Saving Gideon (2012), she has become known for writing sweet stories filled with family values, honest characters, a hometown feel and close-knit communities. She is a member of RWA, ACFW, NINC, and the Author’s Guild. Born and bred in Mississippi, she now lives with her husband and son in Oklahoma. Please visit her online at AmyWritesRomance.com.

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Reviewer: Patti A Bond

In her new book, Loving Jenna. Amy Lillard takes us back to the Amish community in Wells Landing, Oklahoma,
Loving Jenna is a very touching story of Jennifer "Jenna" Abigal Burkhart and Ivan "Buddy" Dale Miller. What is so special about these two young Amish adults is that they are two of God's "special" people.
In order to be together, Jenna and Buddy have to face many obstacles to prove to their parents that they can be responsible on their own. With lots of determination and mistakes, the two of them are able to prove to their parents that they are very capable of being on their. own. According to Buddy, "True love is persistence.
I fell in love with these two very special people and their story of how they proved themselves to their parents that they can over come any obstacle.
I hope you get a chance to read this very touching, heartfelt story of love, faith, trust and overcoming life's obstacles despite having a disability.
I was provided with a copy of Loving Jenna by Amy Lillard, the author of this awesome book

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