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Cranky Uncle vs. Climate Change

John Cook

ISBN 9780806540276
Publish Date 2/25/2020
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Science, Citadel
List Price: $16.95

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Who is right on climate change? The world’s scientific experts? Or your cranky uncle?

97% of climate scientists agree that humans are causing global warming. Unfortunately, many of us have a cranky uncle who thinks he knows better—and is willing to set us straight.

Cranky Uncle vs. Climate Change examines the arguments of your cranky uncle. Are 97% of the world’s experts wrong? Is your cranky uncle actually right? Is our planet doing fine? Or does your cranky uncle have the science wrong?

(Spoiler Alert: The scientists are right.)

About John Cook:

John Cook completed an honors degree in physics at the University of Queensland, Australia. While completing his degree, he often drew cartoons in the margins of his physics notes. After graduating, he spent a decade as a cartoonist and graphic designer. However, he never strayed far from science and spent his spare time reading climate research and debunking misinformation.

In 2007, Cook founded He began exploring how to combat science denial and completed a PhD on the cognitive psychology of misinformation. He found that inoculation, or explaining techniques of denial, was the key to neutralizing misinformation, and that parallel argumentation was a powerful way to put it into practice. This inspired him to bring together his two careers, using parallel arguments in the form of cartoons to explain the techniques of science denial.

Cook is currently a research assistant professor with the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, where he focuses on combatting fake news by using critical thinking to inoculate against misinformation.

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