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Open Carry: An Arliss Cutter Novel #1

Marc Cameron

ISBN 9780786038947
Publish Date 2/25/2020
Format Paperback
Categories Police, Action, Thriller/Suspense, Pinnacle, Arliss Cutter
List Price: $9.99

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“A double-barreled blast of action.” —C.J. Box

“Cameron creates sympathetic heroes, depraved villains, and nail-biting action.” —Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

Alaskan Crime, American Justice

Raised in the swamplands of Florida, U.S. Marshal Arliss Cutter is a born tracker. After enlisting in the military, fighting in the Middle East, and working three field positions for Marshal Services, Cutter is sent to the icy wastelands of southeast Alaska. Three people have disappeared on Prince of Wales Island.

Two are crew members of the reality TV show, Alaska Adventure Jobs. The other is a Tlingit Indian girl who had the misfortune of witnessing their murders. Cutter’s job is to find the bodies, examine the crew’s footage for clues, and track down the men who killed them. Easier said than done. Especially when the whole town is hiding secrets, the trail leads to a dead end—and the hunter becomes the prey . . .

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“A terrific new series. Cameron brings the Alaskan wilderness to life.” —The Real Book Spy

About Marc Cameron:

Marc Cameron is the author of the Jericho Quinn series and Tom Clancy Power and Empire. A native of Texas, Cameron has spent over twenty-nine years in law enforcement. His assignments have taken him from rural Alaska to Manhattan, from Canada to Mexico, and points in between. A second degree black belt in jujitsu, he often teaches defensive tactics to other law enforcement agencies and civilian groups. Cameron presently lives in Alaska with his wife and his BMW motorcycle.

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