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Head Games

Mary B. Morrison

ISBN 9781496710857
Publish Date 12/31/2019
Format Paperback
Categories Fiction, Dafina

New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison delivers a sizzling, twist-filled tale of four friends, a venomous bet, and high-stakes consequences no one can afford…

From childhood games to career challenges, Trymm, Dallas, Kohl, and Blitz have stayed the best of friends—and each other’s toughest competition. These attractive bachelors live to party hard, have sex, and dodge accountability for their actions. Now they’re betting on which of them can date and dump the most women in thirty days. Winner takes all: a cool million dollars, but only if they post proof on social media. This game is about to get all-too-real…

Trymm has no problem bedding women looking for quick-and-dirty satisfaction . . . until he falls hard for one he can’t have. A cynical ex-soldier battling PTSD, Dallas woos a hopeful young bride to exhaust her savings—just to humor his boys. Kohl enjoys his best one-night stand with a gorgeous plus-sized female—but his recklessness may cost him his life after he exposes her. And Blitz thinks he’s giving a powerful CEO the business—until he gets played…

Trapped in their own web, there is no safe way out. Everything the crewe care about most—money, family, and friendship—is on the line. All the right moves won’t protect them, especially from the women they’ve scorned. And the only way out of the game is to concede or risk everything on a dangerous gamble they’re destined to lose . . .

About Mary B. Morrison:

New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison believes that women must shape their own destiny. A motivational speaker and relationship expert, Mary encourages women to become their best. She quit her near six-figure government job to self-publish her first book, Soulmates Dissipate, in 2000 and begin her literary career. Mary also produced a play based on her HoneyB novel, Single Husbands. Healing Her Hurt, Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that Mary founded in 2016 to promote the emotional, physical, and financial health of marginalized women and girls by providing self-empowerment tools, resources, and education. Her wonderful son, Jesse Byrd Jr., is an award-winning children’s author, the owner of, and lives in Dubai with his wife Emaan. Mary currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit Mary Honey B Morrison on Facebook, Twitter @ marybmorrison, and at

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