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Sports Betting for Winners

Rob Miech

ISBN 9780806540306
Publish Date 10/29/2019
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Gambling, Citadel
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How to conquer the lucrative high-stakes sports betting arena and win big now!

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's 2018 quashing of a federal bill that banned betting, sports gambling is spreading across the country and the industry is on the brink of exploding. Budget-strapped states will seek to tap into the formerly-illegal business estimated at $150 billion. But they, like new patrons giving sports wagering a go, must proceed carefully. Along with the opportunities come new challenges. Veteran sports writer and Las Vegas insider Rob Miech shows readers how to win and win big.

Every sporting event is an opportunity to win money. The legalization of sports wagering has increased the pot exponentially. But navigating the new systems can be tricky. If you're a newcomer ready to bet on sports as an occasional pastime, veteran sports writer and Las Vegas insider Rob Miech delivers a vital primer on terminology, options, and procedures. If you're already taking advantage of the sports betting world as a money-spinning career, he shares the latest approaches and all-new game-changing techniques by tapping the skills, secrets of success, and cautionary counsel of players on both sides of the counter.

For Joes and Pros alike, Miech explains the benefits of conveying your wagers succinctly and efficiently, the value of betting numbers not teams, and the canny art of middling and of side-stepping the vig. He also offers invaluable advice on managing a bankroll, dispensing with impulse, being aware of every option, and exhibiting discipline for minimizing loss, maximizing the winnings, and fattening your wallet.

Sports Betting for Winners shows how, with the right information and a sprinkling of luck, you can capitalize on the numbers behind the numbers and take the bettor's game to the next level.

"I know next to nothing about sports betting. Rob Miech knows plenty and here he is, literally making book on it. He gives us the skinny on a billion-dollar (trillion-dollar?) business, particularly pertinent now that Vegas is no longer a forbidden city for pro sports but rather welcomed by teams and leagues with open arms (and wallets). I'll lay you 9-to-5 you'll feel richer for reading Sports Betting for Winners." —Mike Downey — award-winning (ret.) sports columnist, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times

"Rob Miech has written a book on sports betting for everyone—whales and chumps, and those like me who never gambled but will be grateful to hear from a Brylcreemed, suede-loafered cast of characters with names—Roxy, Jackie, Tony the Lizard—the envy of Damon Runyon. Las Vegas sports bettors, like Las Vegas magicians, aren't supposed to reveal their secrets. But Miech has managed a heist worthy of his adopted hometown. He's broken into the vault, sneaked off with the goods, and is eager to share the spoils. The result is this entertaining, informative, anecdote-filled book." — Steve Rushin, longtime Sports Illustrated writer/contributor, 2006 National Sportswriter of the Year, author of the memoirs Sting-Ray Afternoons and Nights in White Castle

“As the rise of sports betting and its sudden tempting allure as an expanding legalized industry grips the nation, and those hungry for action, Rob Miech has outdone himself with this poignant, behind-the-curtains revelation of a world of parlays and money-line wagers, of mob-ruled games, and characters named Lem and Lefty. The brilliant storyteller, who gave us such gems as The Last Natural, Eleventh Heaven, and Of Cowards and True Men, walks us through the sometimes seedy and yet always fascinating world of numbers and tips, of Pros and Joes, of how those on both sides of a betting counter try and massacre each other. This is Miech at his finest, weaving insight from some of the world’s most prominent names in sports betting into a historic, entertaining, and informative journey that will leave you wanting more, yet able to better understand the insatiable craving so many have to bet on sports.” —Ed Graney, six-time Nevada sportswriter of the year for the Las Vegas Review-Journal

About Rob Miech:

Rob Miech (pronounced "Mish") has been a sportswriter for more than thirty years, having mostly written for the Pasadena Star-News, CBS SportsLine, and Las Vegas Sun. His work has also appeared in USA Today, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and Basketball Times, among other publications. The Best American Sports Writing (2014 edition) highlighted his profile of former UCLA basketball player J.R. Henderson's longtime immersion into the culture of Japan and its pro hoops league.

Miech is the author of The Last Natural--a behind-the-scenes account of the 2010 junior-college baseball season that launched Bryce Harper to fame and fortune--which the magazine Spitball short-listed as a top baseball book of 2012. He also authored Eleventh Heaven--the story of UCLA's national hoops-title season of 1994-95, twenty years after the Bruins' glory run--and Of Cowards and True Men, the adventurous and dramatic life of controversial boxing trainer Kenny Adams.

A longtime resident of Las Vegas, Miech is intimate with the sports-betting arena, its characters and colors, its lexicon and nuances, and the various ways in which punters capitalize on their action. Visit him at on Twitter @robmiech

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