Northern Thunder: A Will Parker Thriller #1

Anderson Harp

ISBN 9781516109753
Publish Date 11/26/2019
Format ePub
Categories Thriller/Suspense, Lyrical Underground
List Price: $7.99

Into The Lion’s Den

North Korea. 

For Kim Jong-un, the time has come to position his country atop the world’s pecking order. To do so, he has invested his nation’s resources in one rogue scientist. Peter Nampo is a nanotech specialist who has developed a nuclear missile not only capable of reaching the heart of Los Angeles, but also capable of knocking out America’s eyes in the skies—the GPS satellites overseeing the Korean Peninsula. Jong-un has funded Nampo’s secret laboratory somewhere in a valley of the Taebaek Mountains.

Marine recon veteran and small town prosecutor William Parker has a history with Peter Nampo—and is the only one who can identify him. Recruited into a joint CIA and Pentagon Dark Ops Taskforce, Parker must infiltrate the Hermit Kingdom, find Nampo, and end the scientist’s threat. But there’s more to this mission than Parker knows, and what he discovers is a danger far greater than being trapped behind enemy lines . . .


“I seldom come across a thriller as authentic and well written as Retribution. Andy Harp brings his considerable military expertise to a global plot that’s exciting, timely, and believable . . . to say that I’m impressed is an understatement.” —David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of The Protector

“Retribution is a stunner: a blow to the gut and shot of adrenaline. Here is a novel written with authentic authority and bears shocking relevance to the dangers of today. It reminds me of Tom Clancy at his finest.” —James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of Bloodline

About Anderson Harp:

Anderson Harp is the highly acclaimed author of the Will Parker thrillers, which have earned praise from Lee Child, Brad Meltzer, Douglas Preston, James Rollins, Kathy Reichs, and more. He has served the United States Marine Corps in many capacities, from artillery to teaching mountain warfare and arctic survival. His military work has taken him from the Arctic Circle and Fort Greely, Alaska (where a typical day reaches 44 below zero) to the Persian Gulf, Central America, Europe, South Korea, and the Pentagon. As an officer in the Marine Corps Reserve, he was mobilized for Operation Enduring Freedom and served with MarCent’s Crisis Action Team.

Harp created Operation Thriller, the “first ever” USO Tour of ITW thriller authors, which has entertained thousands of service men and women in numerous countries across the globe. His insights from the USO Tour appear on CNN’s Larry King Live, the Huffington Post, NewsMax, and The Big Thrill among others. He lives in Georgia and can be found online at AndersonHarp.net.

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