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Massacre at Crow Creek Crossing: A Cole Bonner Western

Charles G. West

ISBN 9780786045587
Publish Date 10/29/2019
Format Paperback
Categories Western, Pinnacle, Cole Bonner
List Price: $7.99

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A shocking tale of violence and vengeance in the hills of Wyoming. From Spur Award-winning author Charles G. West . . .

First Comes Blood

Cole Bonner will never forget what happened to his family at Crow Creek Crossing. His wife, her parents, and their three young children—brutally slaughtered by outlaws. The horror of the massacre drove him into the wilderness. Drove him nearly mad. And drove him to seek an equally brutal revenge . . .

Then Comes Carnage

Now, against his better judgment, Bonner is returning to the place that almost destroyed him. While hunting in the mountains, he discovers that a man has been murdered and a woman abducted. He manages to track the killers and free her. But to bring the widow to safety, he will have to face his own demons. Return to his old homestead. And relive the violence—and the vengeance—of another massacre at Crow Creek Crossing . . .

“Rarely has an author painted the great American West in strokes so bold, vivid, and true.” —Ralph Compton

About Charles G. West:

Charles G. West is the author of more than forty action-packed westerns. He currently resides in Ocala, Florida, with his wife, Ronda. Visit him at

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