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Our New Normal

Colleen Faulkner

ISBN 9781496711571
Publish Date 8/27/2019
Format Trade Paperback
Categories General, Women's Fiction, Kensington
List Price: $15.95

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How much more can you give when you’ve already given everything? In Colleen Faulkner’s affecting, thought-provoking new novel, the mother of a pregnant teenager discovers there are no easy answers—and that a mistake-proof life may not be worth living . . .

Liv Ridgely prides herself on being the responsible wrangler of all things family: stay at home mom, caretaker of elderly parents, supporter of husband Oscar’s career, savior of her wayward sister. Now, with her son off to college, and her ambitious daughter, Hazel, a year away from following him, it’s Liv’s turn. She’s even established her dream career of bringing beautiful old homes back to life in the most picturesque part of Maine.

Until she learns that 16-year-old Hazel is three months pregnant.

Hazel insists she will have the baby and raise him with her boyfriend, Tyler, who’s no one’s idea of a model father. Clearly, there are going to be some conflicts to iron out.

Liv just doesn’t expect them to be with her husband.

As it turns out, Liv and Oscar have very different ideas about what to do. Perhaps it’s because Liv, who was adopted, has a unique perspective on this baby’s future. And perhaps it’s because, as a mother, she knows better than anyone how Hazel’s young life will be changed forever.

As the family fractures in every direction, past resentments and pain come tumbling out. After years of putting others first, Liv wonders if she can do what’s best for her daughter, her parents, and her marriage—while still being true to herself.

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About Colleen Faulkner:

Colleen Faulkner lives in Delaware, where her family settled more than three hundred years ago. She comes from a long line of storytellers and spends her days, when she’s not writing, running the family farm, reading, and traveling the world. She has four children and six grandchildren. Look for Colleen on Facebook or visit her website at:

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