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An Unsettled Grave: A Santero and Rein Thriller #2

Bernard Schaffer

ISBN 9781496717252
Publish Date 7/30/2019
Format Hardcover
Categories Psychological, Serial Killer, Police, Thriller/Suspense, Psychological, Kensington, Santero and Rein Thriller
List Price: $26.00

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Upcoming July 30, 2019

In this brilliantly chilling follow-up to The Thief of All Light, veteran police officer Bernard Schaffer digs deep into the past—and the haunted psyches of the detectives who search for truth . . . at any cost.

“There’s a thousand scavengers in these woods.”

Before being promoted to detective, Carrie Santero was given a rare glimpse into the mind of a killer. Through her mentor, Jacob Rein—a seasoned manhunter whose gift for plumbing the depths of madness nearly drove him over the brink—she was able to help capture one of the most depraved serial killers in the country. Now, the discovery of a small human foot buried in the Pennsylvania woods will lead her to a decades-old cold case—and the darkest secrets of her mentor’s youth.

“Nobody trusts an animal that tries to eat its own kind.”

Thirty years ago, a young girl went missing. A police officer was murdered. Another committed suicide. The lives of everyone involved would never be the same. For three agonizing decades, Jacob Rein has yearned for the truth. But when Detective Carrie Santero begins digging up new evidence, she discovers some answers come with shattering consequences.

“Bernard Schaffer’s second installment of his Santero and Rein series opens with a punch in the gut and doesn’t let up until rookie Detective Carrie Santero connects the dots between a cold case from forty years ago and a vicious predator in the present. Schaffer seamlessly weaves the strands of the two cases between the past and the present, bringing old ghosts back to life for Carrie’s mentor, Jacob Rein, and introducing a new threat to the women of a small Pennsylvania town. Pulse pounding, hard hitting, and all too real, this book will stick with you long after you read the last sentence. Schaffer knows what drives police officers. His visceral writing taps into Carrie’s duty to the truth and Rein’s haunted past. He pulls you into their world and takes you down their dark paths until justice is done—no matter how long it takes. A frank, gritty, and unnerving police procedural. Not to be missed.” --Lissa Marie Redmond, author of A Cold Day in Hell

Praise for Bernard Schaffer’s The Thief of All Light

“Tense, fast, and excellent.” —Lee Child

“A stylish, attention-getting thriller . . . the most engaging pair of detectives I’ve seen in a long while.” —David Morrell

“Schaffer is the real deal. His writing will knock you out.” —J.A. Konrath

“Two of the most original heroes ever—as well as a killer who sets a new standard for lethal danger.” —Lisa Scottoline

“An awesome and terrifying read . . . you’re trapped on a nightmare ride, but you don’t want to get off.” —David Swinson

“A fast-paced thriller, expertly rendered.” —Peter Blauner

“Dark, gritty, and emotionally complex, this story is riveting from start to finish.” —Diane Capri

“Tough, tight, and taut, steeped in blood and grit.” —Hilary Davidson

About Bernard Schaffer:

Bernard Schaffer launched his Santero and Rein series with the widely acclaimed thriller The Thief of All Light. A full-time police detective, he is a decorated criminal investigator, narcotics expert, and child forensic interviewer. Schaffer, a father of two, is the author of numerous independently published books and series. He lives and works in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Visit him @BernardSchaffer or

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