She's Got Game: Gamer Girls #1

Laura Heffernan

ISBN 9781516108480
Publish Date 8/13/2019
Format ePub
Categories Romance Contemporary, Lyrical Press, New Series, Gamer Girls
List Price: $3.99

Women are winning in this smart, sexy new series featuring gaming and romance. In this series debut, a Gamer Girl who’s attracted to the competition will have to keep her eye on the prize . . .

Gwen’s got one goal: become the American Board Game Championships winner. With thousands of hours of game play under her belt, only one thing stands in her way: four-time champion Cody. Gwen’s prepared to destroy him. What she’s not expecting is how good-looking he is. Or charming. Dating a co-competitor violates all her rules, but Gwen can’t get Cody out of her head.

Despite her better judgment, she finds herself drawn to him. Maybe if she gives into temptation, just once, that’ll get this guy out of her head once and for all. Should she stick with her long-time dating strategy or roll the dice and take her chances?

About Laura Heffernan:

Laura Heffernan once broke up with her now-husband during a board game after realizing that he was ahead 96-3. She hasn't played that particular game since. Her best friend still talks about the Great Uno Card Throwing Incident of 2003. Yet, somehow, Laura insists that she is incredibly gracious whether winning or losing. She lives in the northeast with her husband, new baby, and two furry little beasts. Laura loves connecting with readers. Find her on her website, lauraheffernan.com, Facebook, facebook.com/lauraheffernanbooks, or on Twitter at twitter.com/LH_writes, where she spends far too much time tweeting about reality TV and Canadian chocolate.

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