You Can Negotiate Anything: How to Get What You Want

Herb Cohen

ISBN 9780806540368
Publish Date 1/29/2019
Format ePub
Categories Non Fiction Self Help , Kensington Ebooks
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Nine months on the New York Times bestseller list. Over One Million Copies Sold!

Yes, You Can Win!

Master negotiator Herb Cohen has been successfully negotiating everything from insurance claims to hostage releases to his own son’s hair length and hundreds of other matters for over five decades. Ever since coining the term “win-win” in 1963, he has been teaching people the world over how to get what they want in any situation. In clear, accessible steps, he reveals how anyone can use the three crucial variables of Power, Time, and Information to always reach a win-win negotiation.

No matter who you’re dealing with, Cohen shows how every encounter is a negotiation that matters. With the tools and skill sets he has devised, honed, and perfected over countless negotiations, the power of getting what you deserve is now a practical necessity you can fully master.

“Flawlessly organized.” —Kirkus Reviews

About Herb Cohen:

Herb Cohen has been a world-renowned negotiator for more than five decades, intimately enmeshed in major headline dramas from hostile takeovers to hostage negotiations. His clients have included business executives, entrepreneurs, sports and theatrical agents plus large corporations, as well as governmental agencies like the Department of State, FBI, CIA, and the U.S. Department of Justice. He has been profiled in Time, People, The Economist, The New Yorker, Esquire, Newsweek, Rolling Stone and other national publications. He has also lectured at educational institutions and enterprises such as The Harvard Negotiating Project, Yale Law School, The Kellogg School, Wharton, the University of Wisconsin, the University of California-San Diego, McGill University, UBC, and the Columbia and Chicago University School of Business. He currently resides in the state of New York. Visit him at herbcohenonline.com.

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