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The Cost of Dying: Lou Prophet, Bounty Hunter #3

Peter Brandvold

ISBN 9780786044467
Publish Date 7/30/2019
Format Paperback
Categories Western, Pinnacle, Lou Prophet, Bounty Hunter
List Price: $7.99

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“Brandvold’s fans will find the action they crave.” —Booklist on Once More into the Fire

Of all the legends of the Old West, few are as stained with ink, blood, and bullets as the violent days of bounty hunter Lou Prophet. But what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted? Heaven knows there’ll be hell to pay . . .

The Devil Rides Again

After a hard night with his sometime lover Louisa Bonaventure—the “Vengeance Queen”—Lou Prophet decides to cool his heels at a local honky tonk. Things heat up fast when he defends one of the girls from a sadistic brute who also happens to be the deputy sheriff. And now Prophet is running for his life . . .

With A Bounty On His Head

Heading south of the border to Mexico, Prophet isn’t the only man marked for death. The young red-headed pistolero Colter Farrow has made an awful lot of enemies, too—and now practically every bounty hunter south of the Rio Grande is gunning for blood. For money. For fun. And, now, for Lou Prophet . . .

“Here’s a writer with hot, fast violence and the guts to write what he wants.”—Tom McNulty, Dispatches from the Last Outlaw

About Peter Brandvold:

Western novelist Peter Brandvold was born and raised in North Dakota. He has penned over one hundred fast-action westerns under his own name and his penname, Frank Leslie. Head honcho at Mean Pete Publishing, publisher of lightning-fast western ebooks, he has lived all over the American West but currently lives in western Minnesota. Follow his life and works at

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