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King Reece: The Crescent Crew Series #2

Shaun Sinclair

ISBN 9781496721082
Publish Date 6/25/2019
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Fiction, Dafina, Crescent Crew
List Price: $15.95

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They led the Dirty South’s most infamous crew. One became a rap superstar. One ruled the streets. But when the king comes back hard for his throne, who will be left standing?

Life couldn’t get better for the Crescent Crew. With an exclusive Mexican pipeline, they’ve got the Southern drug trade on lock. Former founder Qwess is leveraging rap superstardom to break the music industry’s commercial stranglehold. And former leader Reece is fresh off a five-year prison bid—and out to forever secure the Crew’s dominance. But as Reece is working a brutal vendetta, a Crew mutiny will drag him back into all-out street war. Now, between the ambitious young Crew and ruthless OG Reece, only one can live to reign . . .

Praise for The Crescent Crew Series

“Shaun Sinclair taps into the new code and DNA of black and urban life in America, where there’s one foot in the rap game and another foot still out in the mean and hungry streets of capitalism.” —Omar Tyree, New York Times bestselling author and creator of The American Disease ebook series

“A bone-chilling tale that will keep the readers longing for more, while revaluating every choice they make.” —NeNe Capri, author of The G Street Chronicles

About Shaun Sinclair:

Shaun Sinclair is the author of Sex Mogul, Forbidden, and Skin Deep, a series of gangsterotica that seamlessly blends crime fiction with erotica. A native of Atlantic Beach, South Carolina, the Army veteran worked as a law clerk for six years and now uses his experiences to make his stories pop with authenticity. He is also a contributor to the legendary Don Diva Magazine, where he mixes social commentary with his love for hip-hop culture.

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