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False Witness

Lelia Kelly

ISBN 0786011939
Publish Date 11/1/2001
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Legal
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“Lelia Kelly can hold her own with any of the heavy hitters in the legal thriller world.” —Booklist

District Attorney Laura Chastain has just been handed a case that will take her to a wealthy Atlanta neighborhood, where million-dollar homes and cloistered country clubs hide a chilling conspiracy. A young mother has been brutally murdered, and all evidence points to a robbery gone wrong. But Laura’s instincts keep leading her to the victim’s husband, a smooth businessman with an airtight alibi and the city’s most powerful lawyer on his side. As Laura’s investigation uncovers more secrets of Atlanta’s elite, a portrait of a sadistic killer who will stop at nothing is slowly revealed. And with the clock ticking, Laura’s in the race of her life to find the one witness who holds the key to putting a madman away—before that witness is silenced forever...

About Lelia Kelly:

Lelia Kelly was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from the College of William and Mary with degrees in History and East Asian Studies. After graduation, Lelia went to work for a large Canadian bank as a commercial lending officer. Her career took her to New York and Chicago, and she considers New York to be her spiritual home. In 1995, Lelia left banking and returned to Atlanta to pursue her writing. Her first legal thriller, PRESUMPTION OF GUILT, appeared in 1998. A sequel is scheduled for publication in 2000. Lelia is also the "Booklovers" columnist for ATLANTA BUCKHEAD, a monthly paper in Atlanta.

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