Princess of Scandal: The Merchant Royals #1

Sara Portman

ISBN 9781516109210
Publish Date 7/30/2019
Format ePub
Categories Romance Historical, Lyrical Press, New Series, Merchant Royals
List Price: $4.99
Upcoming July 30, 2019

Award-winning author Sara Portman captures the thrill of a booming British port city, where fortunes await merchant princes who dare to rewrite the rules of wealth, destiny, and passion. . .

Lancashire, 1820s: Lydia Thatcher is content to live away from the gritty bustle of Liverpool—and out of reach of the new elite class presiding there. The shipping merchant’s daughter has rejected aristocracy and all its trappings ever since high society rejected her. But her quiet country life turns intriguing when a stranger appears, claiming to be the resident lord of Daulton Grove—a vast estate Lydia has apparently inherited from a grandfather she’s never met.

With one signature, Lydia could sell the property to this eager, titled buyer. Instead, she steps into the role of a noble lady and arrives at Daulton Grove determined to understand her mysterious windfall. To her surprise, her assumptions about Henry, Lord Harridon are quickly proved wrong: tending cows and home repair fill his days, not foxhunting and formal dinners. Ignoring their blossoming attraction is proving impossible. But just as revelations about Lydia’s heritage surface, so do secret motives of Lord Harridon, who may not be immune to high-stakes dealings and fortune grabbing. If Lydia can’t trust him, can she trust her own heart?. . .

About Sara Portman:

Sara Portman is an award winning author of historical and contemporary romance. In addition to being named the 2015 winner in the Historical Category of the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® contest, Sara has been a finalist and winner in several other writing competitions. A daughter of the Midwest, Sara was born in Illinois, grew up in Michigan, and currently lives in Ohio. In addition to her writing endeavors, Sara is a wife and mother in a large, blended family. Visit her at saraportman.com.

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