The River to Glory Land: A Glory Land Novel #3

Janie DeVos

ISBN 9781516104369
Publish Date 12/18/2018
Format ePub
Categories Fiction General, Fiction Women, Lyrical Press, Glory Land
List Price: $4.99

Miami in the 1920’s is a city with two faces. By day, it’s a dazzling beacon of industry; when the sun goes down, neon signs flash and decadence reigns. As Prohibition takes hold, speakeasies and illicit distilleries spring up alongside lavish mansions. Nothing can slow the influx of tourists thirsty for strong liquor—or quell the greed of those eager to provide it.

Caught between these two worlds, and two very different men, beautiful Lily Strickland throws herself into re-building her grandparents’ Art Deco hotel while reveling in everything the city’s nightlife has to offer a blonde-bombshell flapper. When her shy, unassuming sister is caught up in Miami’s vicious mob underworld, Lily turns to the doctor she’s loved for years. But it may be up to a young pilot and former rumrunner to save her sister and salvage the legacy her family has worked so hard to build.

About Janie DeVos:

Janie DeVos is a native of Coral Gables, Florida. She attended Florida State University, then worked in the advertising industry for over a decade, including radio, cable television, public relations and advertising firms. Though her career changed over the years, one thing didn’t—her love of writing. She is an award winning children's author. Beneath a Thousand Apple Trees is her adult debut. Learn more at janiedevos.com.

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