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God Don't Like Ugly

Mary Monroe

ISBN 9781575666075
Publish Date 8/1/2003
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Dafina, Fiction
List Price: $15.00

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In her richly drawn debut novel, Mary Monroe brings to life the bond between two girls from opposite sides of the track—and the shattering event that changes their lives forever.

At the heart of the story is Annette Goode, a shy, awkward, overweight child who keeps a terrible secret. Mr. Boatwright, the boarder her hardworking mother has taken in, abuses her daily. Frightened and ashamed, Annette withdraws into a world of books and food.

But the summer Annette turns thirteen, something incredible happens: Rhoda Nelson chooses her as a friend. Dazzling, generous Rhoda, who is everything Annette is not—gorgeous, slim, and worldly—welcomes Annette into the heart of her eccentric family, which includes her handsome and dignified father; her lovely, fragile, “Muh'Dear;” her brooding, dangerous brother Jock; and her colorful white relatives—half-crazy Uncle Johnny, sultry Aunt Lola, and scary, surly Granny Goose.

With Rhoda's help, Annette survives adolescence and blossoms as a woman. But when her beautiful best friend makes a stunning confession about a horrific childhood crime, Annette's world will never be the same.

Set on the streets, porches and parlors of 1960s and 1970 Ohio, God Don't Like Ugly sparkles with clear-eyed wit and uncompromising honesty. Readers will find this remarkable new novel full of laughter, inspiration, and pure enjoyment.

About Mary Monroe:

Mary Monroe, the daughter of sharecroppers, is the author of the award-winning and New York Times bestselling God series that includes God Don’t Like Ugly and God Don’t Make No Mistakes, among other novels. Winner of the AAMBC Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award, the PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award, and the UCAAB J. California Cooper Memorial Award, Mary Monroe currently lives in Oakland, California. She loves to hear from her readers via e-mail at Visit Mary’s website at

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Customer Review

great (Friday, June 6, 2008)
Reviewer: Iamorange

This was the first Mary Monroe book I've ever read, and I loved it. I immediately wanted to read her other works. I love the way the characters are described. She makes you feel like you know them.

It Amazed Me!! (Tuesday, May 1, 2007)
Reviewer: GAiken

Hi, to all who haven't read the book, IT'S AMAZING!!! At first it was hard for me to pick up the book and read it. But when I finally did, I was glad. Now, alot of people think they had it or have it hard in their lives. But with this page turner, their life may be a piece of cake. The characters in this book make you think twice about who's in you and your families life. If not, it made me think twice. The devil come in many disguises and you won't know it until it's to late.

GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY (Friday, March 30, 2007)
Reviewer: Jeanine

I did not like to read anything besides my BIBLE until I read this book, it was excellent and real, and that's what I like about a book is that if it is not real it at least seems real!

AWESOME (Wednesday, November 29, 2006)
Reviewer: K. Moore

I did not know that reading a book could be this perfect. This is book for anyone that thinks they have problems. Your problems may not be so bad. Excellent material. The characters were flawless. I am an avid fan. Please continue to impress, express, motivate and captivate me!

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