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Mortimer, World's Most Fascinating Guinea Pig: Answers to the Mysteries of Life

ISBN 9781944833350
Publish Date 2/27/2018
Format Hardcover
Categories KPT Gift Books, KPT Publishing, Gift
List Price: $9.95

Without doubt, Mortimer is the World’s Most Fascinating Guinea Pig. There simply is no one like him. In this volume Mortimer shares his many insights into the Art of Living. And who better to share insights into the Art of Living than the World’s Most Fascinating Guinea Pig!


He once convinced a Vampire Bat to become a vegetarian
He won a staring contest with his own reflection
He lives vicariously through himself
He once taught a German Shepherd how to bark in Spanish
When a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, Mortimer hears it
When he is out walking with his owner Roses stop to smell him
He has taught many old dogs a variety of new tricks
Panhandlers line up to give him money when they see him walking with his owner
Batman watches Saturday morning cartoons about Mortimer
When his owner takes him to Spain he chases the bulls while she takes the photos
Once, when his owner was pulled over for speeding, Mortimer gave the cop a ticket.
In all, lets face it, he’s the Chuck Norris of Guinea Pigs

You’ll discover all this and much, much more as you view the world of Mortimer, the World’s Most Fascinating Guinea Pig.

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