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An American Farmer

Sue Ikerd

ISBN 9781944833299
Publish Date 2/27/2018
Format Hardcover
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If you’re a part of the roughly 99 percent of the North American population that doesn’t work on a farm, you might guess at what comes next—many a lament has been written about the passing of the good old days in rural areas, the family farm’s decline, and the inevitable loss of the family homestead. But, in many respects, that narrative itself is obsolete. Why? Because the family farm in America is not a thing of the past and in many ways it is stronger and more prosperous than ever. In 2016, of all the farms in the United States with at least $1 million in revenues, 88 percent were family farms, and they accounted for 79 percent of production. The truth is the American farm, like the American dream, is bigger and more prosperous than ever. An America Farmer is a celebration in words and photos of a way of life that was, is, and will always be uniquely American.

About Sue Ikerd:

Sue Ikerd was born in Marshfield, MO. At age six, she moved with her dad, mom, and older sister to a small farm on the out¬skirts of town. When she married her husband, Don, he brought her to his river bottom farm in the Missouri Ozarks—the farm where he was born and raised and where they raised their child¬ren as well. They recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary with their family, including their two grand¬sons. Sue’s poem, The Farmer, was her first and written as a tribute to her husband.

In addition to writing, she enjoys studying genealogy with her daughter, and after many years of research, she found farming has been the occupation of their ancestors for many genera¬tions—so farming is truly in their blood. You can read more of Sue’s work on her website

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