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Murder in Greenwich Village: A Louise Faulk Mystery #1

Liz Freeland

ISBN 9781496714244
Publish Date 5/29/2018
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Historical, Kensington, New Series, Between the Chapters, Louise Faulk Mystery
List Price: $15.95

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A year before World War I breaks out, the sidewalks of Manhattan are crowded with restless newcomers chasing the fabled American Dream, including a sharp-witted young woman who discovers a talent for investigating murder . . .

New York City, 1913. Twenty-year-old Louise Faulk has fled Altoona, Pennsylvania, to start a life under dizzying lights. In a city of endless possibilities, it’s not long before the young ingénue befriends a witty aspiring model and makes a splash at the liveliest parties on the Upper East Side. But glitter fades to grit when Louise’s Greenwich Village apartment becomes the scene of a violent murder and a former suitor hustling for Tin Pan Alley fame hits front-page headlines as the prime suspect . . .

Driven to investigate the crime, Louise finds herself stepping into the seediest corners of the burgeoning metropolis—where she soon discovers that failed dreams can turn dark and deadly . . .

About Liz Freeland:

Liz Freeland enjoyed a rural childhood in a book-mad family, which provided her with a solid preparation for a lifetime of spinning stories. A Texas native, she lived in New York, Oregon, Ontario, and Quebec before settling in Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

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