Knight Treasures: Knights of the Swan #3

C.C. Wiley

ISBN 9781516101023
Publish Date 11/28/2017
Format ePub
Categories Romance Historical, Lyrical Press
List Price: $1.99

The blow to Sabine’s head jerked her to one side. Stars shattered into a million pieces as her knees buckled underneath. Pitching forward, she grasped the blanket covering Darrick. It ripped as she fell to the floor. A log lying by the fireplace dropped beside her. Slipping into the gray folds of the mist, she peered up at the old crone standing over her.

“You still live? No matter. Go, child, ’tis but a short step to the other side.”

Nandra yanked Sabine’s head back. Sour breath from rotting teeth blew in her face.

“’Tis so much blood,” Nandra exclaimed. She fluttered bloodstained fingers in front of Sabine’s blurring eyes. “You look so like your mother as she bled to her death.”

Sabine felt the hot trail of tears run down her cheek. She could not fight the dark mist any longer. It wrapped its cold tentacles around her head and squeezed. Helpless, unable to move, she watched the crazy old woman walk away.

The door swung open. Sabine struggled to see beyond the murky shadows as Nandra’s shadow exited the cottage; leaving them to die.

In 15th Century England, alliances can be deadly for a Knight of the Swan. Especially those made in the heat of passion…

Fleeing for her life after a savage attack on her homeland, Lady Sabine of Clearmorrow finds sanctuary on the windswept shores of southern England, praying that her family reaches her before her foes. When Sir Darrick of Lockwood shows up in a swirl of raging wildfires, Sabine is not willing to trust the dark knight, though he may be her last hope. And when she learns of his urgent quest to locate his sister, she realizes she plays a role in his quest, too . . .

Lady Sabine is the last woman who saw his beloved sister alive, which is the only reason Darrick demands she join him on the perilous journey to bring Elizabeth home. But even as he shelters Sabine from their powerful enemies—and savors the sweet passion between them—he wonders if the brave beauty will bring him all that he desires, or draw him deeper into danger….

About C.C. Wiley :

C.C. lives in Salt Lake City with her high school sweetheart of over 35 years and their four wacky dogs. When given a choice, she prefers a yummy, well-written, historical or contemporary romance that is chock-full of hope, love and a Happy Ever After. She believes there are wonderful courageous characters waiting for someone to tell their story. It's her hope that each adventurous romance she writes will touch the reader and carry them away to another place and time, where hopes and dreams abound. Visit her website at ccwiley.com, find her on Facebook at CCWileyAuthor, and on Twitter @AuthorCCWILEY.

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