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Virtually Perfect

Paige Roberts

ISBN 9781496710093
Publish Date 9/26/2017
Format Trade Paperback
Categories General, Women's Fiction, Kensington, Fresh Voices
List Price: $15.00

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Not so long ago, Lizzie Glass had a successful TV show, a cookbook deal, and a social diary crammed with parties and events. But fame doesn’t stay fresh for long. Her show fizzles, her magazine column is canceled, and Lizzie’s only option is a summer job as personal chef to the Silvesters, a wealthy and eccentric family.

Their beach house is a lavish, beautifully decorated palace on the Jersey Shore, and Lizzie gets to work catering to Kathryn and Jim Silvester’s fashionably restrictive diets. But it’s their twenty-something daughter who presents Lizzie with her biggest challenge—professionally and personally. A self-proclaimed “wellness warrior,” Zoe Silvester has a hugely popular website and app that promotes healthy living and organic, unprocessed foods. Yet Lizzie soon realizes that The Clean Life site has a dirty little secret. In fact, Zoe’s entire online persona is based on a dangerous hoax that runs deep and will damage lives. Exposing Zoe won’t just jeopardize Lizzie’s job and a promising new relationship—it may expose the cracks in her own past.

Sharply observed, witty, and thoughtful, Paige Roberts’ debut novel is a compelling look at one woman’s journey toward reinventing herself—and seeing through the façade of others—to discover the imperfect but sometimes wonderful truth.

"In Virtually Perfect, newcomer Paige Roberts serves up a fresh take on reinvention and acceptance. Light and satisfying, Virtually Perfect is the perfect weekend read!" -- Amy Sue Nathan, author of Left to Chance

“Roberts’s spot-on debut novel delves into the virtually perfect facade of an internally imperfect family. The author also eloquently splashes in a dash of humor…Readers who enjoy novels with cooking themes will laugh and commiserate with Lizzie as she sweats her way through a summer of gourmet requests, grandiose demands, and secrets she learns about almost too late.”– Library Journal

About Paige Roberts:

Paige Roberts is a former journalist who has written for publications such as McSweeney’s, Culinate, and She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.

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