Texas Pride: The Texas Heat Series #3

Gerry Bartlett

ISBN 9781601839862
Publish Date 10/3/2017
Format ePub
Categories Romance Suspense, Romance Contemporary, Lyrical Shine
List Price: $4.99

Of all the women in the world, why did he think he had to have Shannon Calhoun, a party girl who thought she couldn’t have fun without a drink in her hand? Maybe he was the sick one. Why was he drawn to a woman with the same problems he’d resented since he’d been old enough to understand them?

She didn’t drink tonight. That thought made him unclench his fists a little. He was so crazed about this issue, he was going to drive Shannon away if he wasn’t careful. Was that what he wanted? It had happened before. He’d make demands and she’d run like hell. Who could blame her? He sure didn’t let anyone dictate to him. Shit.

If he didn’t get his shit together and soon, he was going to lose her. And this time, he didn’t think he’d get another chance.

A fight for her rights. A job she can’t quit. And a man who makes her burn…

It’s not Shannon Calhoun’s first rodeo. She’s supposed to be running the show. But since her father’s will landed her in a wretched cubicle, typing out press releases for her own family’s company, she’s been trapped in a job with no prospects, no control—and barely any cash.

When her old flame Billy Pagan turns up with a hundred rude questions and a thousand-dollar suit, Shannon isn’t sure if the heat she feels is from humiliation, fury, or desire. But whatever else has happened, the chemistry between them has only intensified.

Long before he became Houston’s best defense attorney, Billy had a thing for the spoiled rich girl who got away. But now that Shannon is hustling to save the family business, she's more irresistible than ever. Too bad about the murder investigation and the fraud that’s going to bring the company crashing down around her.

Unless, of course, his Texas princess actually pulls off the save of a lifetime. With Billy’s negotiating skills and Shannon’s determination, the hardest part might be keeping the business away from the pleasure …

“Gerry Bartlett delivers a sizzling romance with a healthy dose of Texas charm!” —USA Today Bestselling author Kimberly Raye

About Gerry Bartlett :

Gerry Bartlett is a native Texan and former teacher with more than twenty published novels. She lives near Houston, Texas. Visit her at gerrybartlett.com.

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