A Particular Darkness: A Katrina Williams Novel #2

Robert E. Dunn

ISBN 9781601838094
Publish Date 9/12/2017
Format ePub
Categories Mystery, Lyrical Underground , Thriller/Suspense, Katrina Williams
List Price: $1.99

From the author of A Living Grave comes a gripping police procedural fea-turing sheriff's detective Katrina Williams as she exposes the dark underbelly of the Missouri Ozarks . . .

Dredging Up The Truth

Still recovering from tragedy and grieving a devastating loss, Iraq war veteran and sheriff's detective Katrina Williams copes the only way she knows how—by immersing herself in work. A body's just been pulled from the lake with a fish haul, but what seems like a straight-forward murder case over the poaching of paddlefish for domestic caviar quickly becomes murkier than the depths of the lake.

Soon a second body is found—an illegal Peruvian refugee woman linked to a charismatic tent revival preacher. But as Katrina tries to investigate the enigmatic evangelist, she is blocked by antagonistic FBI agents and Army CID personnel. When more young female refu-gees disappear, she must partner with deputy Billy Blevins, who stirs mixed feelings in her, to connect the lake murder to the refugees. Katrina is no stranger to darkness, but cold-blooded conspirators plan to make sure she'll never again see the light of day . . .

About Robert E. Dunn:

Robert Dunn is the author of the Katrina Williams series, the acclaimed crime novel, Dead Man's Badge, as well as the supernatural thrillers, The Red Highway, and The Harrowing. He can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/RobertEDunnAuthor on Twitter at @WritingDeador on Instagram as @redunnauthor.

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