Blood at Dawn

Jim R. Woolard

ISBN 9781516101634
Publish Date 8/8/2017
Format ePub
Categories Western, eClassics , Lyrical Press
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Jim R. Woolard’s classic frontier epic of a young man raised to survive any battle he might encounter in a wild, savage, untamed land . . .

Young Ethan Downer may not look old enough to shave, but he was raised by his father to survive a harsh, unsettled land crawling with enemies eager to spill his blood. When Ethan joins General St. Clair’s troops on a hard march toward Ohio’s Wabash River, his hardwon lessons will be put to the test like never before . . .

On a cold dawn in 1791, St. Clair’s exhausted army awakes to find itself surrounded by a well-planned Indian ambush. As the battle wages fiercely, the outcome is clear—there is no hope for survival. It’s a slaughter on a monumental level and only a desparate, futile plan might save a few lives. And Ethan Downer is unafraid to ride straight into the jaws of the enemy, guns blazing.

About Jim R. Woolard:

Jim R.  Woolard is an acclaimed writer and historian. His fiction novels, including Cold Moon and Feathered Tide, portray life on the American frontier in all its harsh beauty and danger. His novel, Thunder in the Valley, was awarded the Medicine Pipe for best first novel and the Spur Award for best original paperback novel by the Western Writers of America.

Photo Credit: Richard Pound, Pound Studios, Newark, Ohio

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