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Sweet Temptations

Lynn Collum, Jo Ann Ferguson, Wilma Counts

ISBN 0821766562
Publish Date 7/1/2000
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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A Taste for Love

”Cakes, Kisses, and Confusion” by Lynn Collum
When the Earl of Sedgefield comes to pay a visit at the cottage of Miss Annabelle Hill’s aunt, he invites the unsuspecting Annabelle to Exeter, where he has set a trap for her. It seems the Earl has confused the poor girl for a scheming social climber and plans to expose her fraud. But Annabelle´s culinary magic and honey-sweet nature prove him wrong, making an enticing recipe for love.

“The Way To A Man´s Heart” by Wilma Counts
After sampling the poor fare at a soirée, Nicole Beaufort´s cousins challenge her to do better. Disguising herself as a cook, Nicole finds work at a nearby estate, where the health of her new employer, the handsome Earl of Thornwood, depends on her cooking. But she never expects to tempt his heart as well as his appetite.

“Not His Bread and Butter” by Jo Ann Ferguson
Working as a cook in order to help provide for her parents, Meredith Tynedale becomes quite fond of her employer, Lord Westerly. Hoping he will notice her, she brings breakfast to him every morning, baking him her favorite raisin-cinnamon bread. Not only does the handsome Viscount take an interest in her baking, but also in the very lovely Meredith.

Includes three delicious recipes for you to try!

About Lynn Collum:

Lynn Collum is a second generation Floridian whose grandparents settled in Central Florida in 1912 (at that time, there were far more cattle than tourists). After earning a BA in Education at the University of South Florida, she began working for the Department of Defense in Zweibruken, Germany, teaching the children of military personnel. While in Europe, she met the man who would become her husband. The two were married at the local city hall by a German judge. After four years abroad, the couple returned to the states and relocated to Atlanta, GA. This southern city is where they lived for ten years and started a family. Lynn and her husband have two children in college as well as a cat, a dog, and a horse.

Lynn began to write seriously in 1994 after taking a writing course at the local college. She sold her first Regency romance, entitled A Game of Chance, to Zebra in 1995. Since that time, she has written five novels and six novellas for Zebra. Her titles include The Spy's Bride; Lady Miranda's Masquerade (May 1999); and An Unlikely Father (December 1999). Lynn's works are also included in the anthologies A Winter's Kiss, Christmas Kittens, and Dangerous and Dashing. Her second book, Elizabeth and the Major, won the 1998 Critic's Choice Award for Best Regency from Affaire de Coeur Magazine.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Central Florida Romance Writers, Volusia County Romance Writers, The Beau Monde Chapter, and The Author's Guild. One of her favorite pastimes is teaching workshops on writing techniques to help novice authors.

About Jo Ann Ferguson:

Jo Ann Ferguson is the best-selling author of Regencies and historicals for Kensington, paranormals for ImaJinn and historicals for Jove (where she writes as Joanna Hampton), Harper, New Concepts Publishing, and Tudor. She writes (as Jo Ann Brown) inspirational romance for MountainView Publishing. She also sold a historical suspense to M. Evans and contributed to an encyclopedia published by Garland on the English Regency period. She is the editor of Now That You've Sold Your Book. ..What Next? and wrote the clause by clause explanation of contracts included in it. Her May 1997 Regency THE COUNTERFEIT COUNT won the ARTemis Award from Romance Writers of America.

She currently serves as the national president of the Romance Writers of America and was the recipient of the Emma Merritt Service Award, the highest honor for volunteer work from RWA. She has previously been a national director and Vice President. She received the first Robert Goldrick Service Award from the New England Chapter/ Romance Writers of America. She was awarded a Massachusetts Art Grant to teach creative writing, and she established the romance writing course at Brown University. She shares her life with her favorite hero - her husband Bill - her three children, one very arrogant cat and a rambunctious kitten in Pennsylvania.

About Wilma Counts:

Before moving to Nevada in 1994, Wilma Counts taught high school English and social studies in Germany to dependents of American forces stationed there. She loved the kids, but hated meaningless paperwork. She especially enjoyed her work with Advance Placement English, Model United Nations, and student exchanges with a Russian school.

Wilma grew up in Oregon, a product of the Leave It To Beaver era. She holds degrees in education and international relations. Having traveled widely, she is keenly interested in politics and international relations. She freely admits to being a C-SPAN junkie.

A member of the Romance Writers of America, she has written two Regency novels and a novella for Zebra. Willed to Wed is slated for publication in September, '99, and My Lady Governess in February, '00. Her current projects include another Regency and a novel set in the American West. She contributes a regular column on grammar and usage to the local RWA newsletter. Besides her interest in travel and writing, Wilma is an avid reader and she loves to cook, garden, and gamble—not necessarily in that order.

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