The Winds of Autumn

Jim R. Woolard

ISBN 9781516101627
Publish Date 7/11/2017
Format ePub
Categories eClassics , Western, Lyrical Press
List Price: $1.99

Jim R. Woolard’s classic western of a family torn apart by a savage, untamed territory, and their relentless struggle for survival—and revenge . . .

Deep in the Ohio Valley, the Tyler family laid claim to a new life. But one deadly evening changed everything. Under a moonless night, the family is beset by rampaging Shawnee. In the red storm of bullets, arrows, and knives, Blake and Blaine Tyler emerge bloodied but alive. But their parents have been brutally murdered. And their sister, Sarah, is the victor’s spoils for a war party long gone.

Undeterred, the brothers set off across the Ohio River. Two against one embittered nation makes poor odds. But revenge has a way of getting the job done . . .

About Jim R. Woolard:

Jim R.  Woolard is an acclaimed writer and historian. His fiction novels, including Cold Moon and Feathered Tide, portray life on the American frontier in all its harsh beauty and danger. His novel, Thunder in the Valley, was awarded the Medicine Pipe for best first novel and the Spur Award for best original paperback novel by the Western Writers of America.

Photo Credit: Richard Pound, Pound Studios, Newark, Ohio

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