Love Blooms

Jamie Pope

ISBN 9781496708717
Publish Date 7/25/2017
Format ePub
Categories AA Romance Contemporary, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $2.99

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“Your mother wants to remarry. He’s a sculptor. She met him in Italy.”

“She’s a walking cliché. Let me guess. He’s younger and has exotic good looks.”

“Your mother has always had a taste for good looking ethnic men. I would say men like that are exclusively her preference.”

“Maybe she should have just married one of those men in the first place. I think she would have been much happier.”

His grandfather opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He was stopping himself again.

“What is it, sir?”

“Nothing. It’s just that I agree with you. I think she would have been much happier, if she had followed her heart thirty-five years ago. I’ve got to go, son. Speak to you soon.”

His grandfather disconnected, leaving Tanner confused. His parents were married for forty years. What that hell was his grandfather talking about?

When mistakes haunt your every choice, how do you find the courage to follow your own heart?

An unstable childhood and a bad marriage have left Nova unable to trust anyone—especially herself. She'd do anything for her young son, but feels she'll never be a good enough mother. She's got major talent as a stylist and makeup artist, but big-time success would mean leaving the safety of Martha’s Vineyard and the only family she has left. Still, she needs to kick-start her life in a new direction. The last thing she needs is her childhood frenemy, Tanner Brennan, confusing her even more.

An Ex-Army Ranger, Tanner was looking for peace and routine when he came back home to Martha's Vineyard. Scrapping with Nova reminds him of the hopeful boy he was, before secrets and guilt closed him off. But there's no way he can fight her raw vulnerability—or his longing to become part of her life. And as their all-too-fragile bond is threatened in ways they never expected, he and Nova have only one chance to finally come to terms with the past—and find the future in each other.

Praise for Jamie Pope’s Hope Blooms

“Beautifully written . . . a story you won’t forget.” --Kristan Higgins, New York Times bestselling author

About Jamie Pope:

Jamie Pope first fell in love with romance at thirteen when her mother placed a novel in her hands. She became addicted to love stories and has been writing them ever since. When she's not writing her next book, you can find her shopping for shoes or binge-watching shows. Visit her website at authorjamiepope.com/, find her on Facebook at facebook.com/sugarjamisonbooks, and follow her on Twitter @authorjamiepope.

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