Thunder in the Valley

Jim R. Woolard

ISBN 9781516101610
Publish Date 6/13/2017
Format ePub
Categories Western, eClassics , Lyrical Press
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Western writer Jim R. Woolard’s classic award-winning debut still rides hard and fires point blank from all barrels . . .

Bitter experience has taught Matthan Hannar that to survive the harsh, untamed wilderness of the Ohio Valley in 1790, it’s best to avoid all contact with settlers (likely to hang you) and Indians (even more likely to slaughter you). Success on those fronts means he might not starve, drown, or freeze to death. But while he’s winding his way upriver as stealthily as he can, he stumbles across Zelda Shaw furiously fighting off a ferocious Shawnee brave. Breaking his own rules, Matthan Hannar has now got to keep Zelda alive, too, or face the wrath of her kinfolk. But in order to keep them both alive, he’ll have to kill anyone and everyone standing in their way . . .

About Jim R. Woolard:

Jim R.  Woolard is an acclaimed writer and historian. His fiction novels, including Cold Moon and Feathered Tide, portray life on the American frontier in all its harsh beauty and danger. His novel, Thunder in the Valley, was awarded the Medicine Pipe for best first novel and the Spur Award for best original paperback novel by the Western Writers of America.

Photo Credit: Richard Pound, Pound Studios, Newark, Ohio

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