Falling Hard: A Nugget Romance #9

Stacy Finz

ISBN 9781601837110
Publish Date 4/11/2017
Format ePub
Categories Romance Contemporary, Lyrical Shine, Nugget Romance
List Price: $3.99

Staff Pick & Review by Melody E.

Sometimes you just want to snuggle up with a contemporary romance that can truly pull you into its world, and when that mood strikes, you need “A Nugget Romance” title. Nugget, California is a town semi-isolated, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t bursting with individuals from all different backgrounds—and everyone’s got a story! FALLING HARD is the latest book in this delightful series which, like its predecessors, manages to make you fall in love all over again while still keeping you down to Earth with its balance of funny, sweet, sad, and everything else in between.

This book follows town-favorite Annie Sparks as she continues on a determined path to live life on her terms both working and living in a beautiful, sprawling estate set against the mountains. She’s never been shy when it comes to getting her hands dirty, but she never expects to be derailed by former Navy SEAL Logan Jenkins. Jenkins is in town to search for his roots, and Annie is the breath of fresh air that he didn’t even know he was looking for. Annie and Logan definitely spark more than either expected possible, but life has a way of complicating things, and this union is no exception.

In the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain town of Nugget, California, falling hard is all too easy . . .

This is the summer of Annie Sparks—at least according to her. No more supporting lazy jerks or coddling irresponsible family or taking care of anyone who doesn’t deserve her help. Instead she’s headed to an estate in a remote mountain town, to spend her summer with her boots covered in mud and her hands working the earth. Love is the last thing on her mind.

Nugget is a long way from Logan Jenkins’ old life as a Navy SEAL. But before he starts fresh in the private sector, he receives a bequest from a man he never knew: his biological father. To learn more about his background, Logan makes his way to his late father’s estate, where he is immediately knocked on his heels by an incredible woman with a heart of gold.

Annie’s not looking for a fling, and Logan knows Nugget can’t be forever, so falling in love should be impossible. But when they’re together, time stops, and suddenly the impossible seems like the only thinkable option . . .

Praise For Stacy Finz

“Stacy Finz is a unique new voice. Nugget, California, is a charming small town filled with inventive characters and sweet romance.” —Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author

“Tender and touching, Stacy Finz writes romance with heart.” —Marina Adair

About Stacy Finz:

Stacy Finz is a New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance. After more than twenty years covering notorious serial killers, naked-tractor-driving farmers, fanatical foodies, aging rock stars and weird Western towns as a newspaper reporter, she figured she finally had enough material to launch a career writing fiction. She lives in Northern California with her husband. Visit her website www.stacyfinz.com. And sign up for her newsletter to learn about upcoming releases and events at stacyfinz.com/newsletter.

Photo Credit: Laura Finz. 

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