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A Short Time to Die: A Novel of Suspense

Susan Alice Bickford

ISBN 9781496705945
Publish Date 1/31/2017
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Psychological, Serial Killer, Thriller/Suspense, Kensington, Fresh Voices
List Price: $15.00

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In this electrifying thriller, two women from opposite sides of the country find their lives inextricably bound—by blood, by fear, and by a merciless, murderous revenge . . .

Walking home on a foggy night, Marly Shaw stops in the glare of approaching headlights. Two men step out of a pickup truck. One of them is her stepfather. A sudden, desperate chase erupts in gunshots. Both men are left dead. And a terrified girl is on the run—for the rest of her life . . .

Thirteen years later, human bones discovered in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California are linked to a mother and son from Central New York. Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Detective Vanessa Alba and her partner, Jack Wong, dive into an investigation that lures them deep into the Finger Lakes. They find a community silenced by the brutal grip of a powerful family bound by a twisted sense of blood and honor, whose dark secrets still haunt the one family member who thought she got away . . .

A Short Time To Die held me captive from the first page to the last. Vivid settings, cold and alive, and strength of character both evil and good, kept me reading late, late into the night, all the way through to an ending I never expected.” --Taylor Stevens, New York Times bestselling author of The Informationist

"By the end of the first chapter I was totally hooked on A Short Time to Die. I couldn't have closed the cover on Marly's story if my life depended on it." --Lisa Black, New York Times bestselling author of That Darkness

“Gripping.” -Publishers Weekly

“Bickford’s debut is an intriguing tale of murder and corruption that spans more than 13 years. Riddled with twists and turns, A Short Time to Die features a family that is so evil the reader will likely be looking over their own shoulder. The resolution is highly satisfying, more so because of Bickford’s phenomenal writing talent. An A-plus for this great book!” – RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“Bickford's tale of revenge, the dark reach and power of generational crime and violence, and of two brave and bright girls who become capable, fearless women is gripping, chilling, and original. Add in a keen, exacting eye for character and place that transcends ‘genre’ and A Short Time to Die is sure to stay with you for a long, long time.” — Eric Rickstad, New York Times bestselling author of The Silent Girls and Lie in Wait

About Susan Alice Bickford :

Susan Alice Bickford was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in Central New York. Her passion for technology pulled her to Silicon Valley, where she became an executive at a leading technology company. She now works as an independent consultant, and continues to be fascinated by all things high tech. She splits her time between Silicon Valley and Vermont. Her first novel, A Short Time to Die, launched her career as an acclaimed writer of dark suspense. Visit her on Facebook or at

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