Heating Up: A Nugget Romance #7

Stacy Finz

ISBN 9781601837073
Publish Date 7/19/2016
Format ePub
Categories Romance Contemporary, Lyrical Shine, Nugget Romance
List Price: $3.99

Staff Pick & Review by John S.

HEATING UP is the sixth novel in Stacy Finz’s Nugget contemporary romance series. Nugget is a cozy little town in California where once you pay a visit, you want to go back! Everyone knows everyone else’s business, but in a good way.

Each novel in the series stands on its own, but it’s fun getting to revisit with old characters as you go from book to book. In this latest installment, sparks fly between our heroine, Dana, who’s come to Nugget for a new beginning, and our hero, Aidan, who’s an arson investigator.

I guarantee that once you pay a visit to Nugget, with either the first book in the series, STARTING OVER, or this latest, HEATING UP, you’ll want to come back.

And you’ll be able to! Because there are three more books in the series coming in the next year. Look for RIDING HIGH coming in December 2016.

So, why not take a visit to Nugget today?

Nugget, California, is remote, picturesque—and the perfect place to fall in love. Even when you’re trying desperately not to…

Dana Calloway is tired of being second choice. No question she was her parents’ consolation prize, and now she’s placed second in the race for a guy’s heart—a guy she could have sworn was The One. Is it any wonder such a normally type A person accidentally burns down her house in one distracted moment?

Cal Fire arson investigator Aidan McBride came to Nugget to do a little soul searching about his commitment phobia. But there’s only one available apartment in this tiny town, and the headstrong woman who just had a house fire needs it too. Of course, there are worse things than sharing living quarters with someone so beautiful…

Dana’s determined to resist her sexy new roommate, but it isn’t long before Aidan realizes he doesn’t have a commitment problem when she’s around. And the hotter things get in their apartment, the brighter the blaze when someone finally ignites that first spark…

Praise For Stacy Finz

“Stacy Finz is a unique new voice. Nugget, California, is a charming small town filled with inventive characters and sweet romance.” --Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author

“Tender and touching, Stacy Finz writes romance with heart.” --Marina Adair

About Stacy Finz:

Stacy Finz is a New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance. After more than twenty years covering notorious serial killers, naked-tractor-driving farmers, fanatical foodies, aging rock stars and weird Western towns as a newspaper reporter, she figured she finally had enough material to launch a career writing fiction. She lives in Northern California with her husband. Visit her website www.stacyfinz.com. And sign up for her newsletter to learn about upcoming releases and events at stacyfinz.com/newsletter.

Photo Credit: Laura Finz. 

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