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Starfish Moon: The Brides of Blueberry Cove #3

Donna Kauffman

ISBN 9781420137491
Publish Date 4/26/2016
Format Paperback
Categories Contemporary, Zebra
List Price: $7.99

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“Charming characters, emotion galore, a small town—you’re going to love Donna Kauffman!” —Lori Foster

Nestled on the Maine coast, Blueberry Cove is a peaceful retreat compared to the excitement of exotic cities and foreign lands. But it’s also the best place in the world for one woman to find her heart’s true home…

Kerry McCrae’s wanderlust has taken her to parts of the globe most people have only glimpsed in pictures. So why is tending bar at the family pub in Blueberry Cove after her Uncle Fergus’s stroke an easier adjustment than she expected? And why hasn’t she left once Fergus is back on his feet? When tall, tanned Cooper Jaxton walks through the door, she knows the answer in a heartbeat…

Born and raised deep in Australia’s outback, Cooper never planned to leave the wild country he loves. But after almost a year of having Kerry—with her sparkling eyes and outrageous stories—on his cattle station, Cooper was stunned when she left. Suddenly home wasn’t the same without her. Making his way to Blueberry Cove to find her is a risk, but Cooper is counting on the passionate connection between them to convince her that the only place either of them needs to be is together…

Let the honeymoon begin…

Includes a DIY wedding cake recipe!

“We all know where there's Donna Kauffman, there's a rollicking, sexy read chock full of charm and sparkle. Kauffman's characters are adorably human and so very magnetic.” –

About Donna Kauffman:

Donna Kauffman is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over 70 novels, translated and sold in more than 26 countries around the world. Born into the maelstrom of Washington, D.C., politics, she now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where she is surrounded by a completely different kind of wildlife. A contributing blogger for, she is also a DIYer, a baker, a gardener and a volunteer transporter for the Wildlife Center of Virginia and Rockfish Sanctuary. Please visit her online at


Download printable directions that include photos of my own water garden!
Happy rooting!

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Wanderlust (Saturday, April 30, 2016)
Reviewer: Kathy Jund

4.5 stars!!!
Book 3 in Donna Kauffman's Brides of Blueberry Cove series! Fiona McCrae is next on the marriage list..but an unexpected visitor drops on the scene and the gossip mill has a change of focus that sets tongues waving and rumors flying! Who is this one tall, blue-eyed, blond with an accent to die for, taking up the doorway of the Rusty Puffin his gaze on no other than Kerry McCrae, his name Cooper Jax, straight from Camaroo Down Australia! Cooper has waited long enough, hoping for the return of the one person he knows he can spend his life with, he let her go once and he's determined to bring her back. Besides, in this town, something about the rocky shores of Blueberry Cover hold some kind of magnetism, as all indications point to the fact that weddings seem to be something of a spectator sport. Cooper is looking to capitalize on that fact fates will also rule in his favor. Kerry McCrae has a whole other opinion to the contrary and will let know one (including her interfering Uncle Fergus) change her mind. Kerry was made to wander, not settle in one place, the fact that she's not left Blueberry Cove (in over a year), notwithstanding. The battle of wills that ensue have Cooper and Kerry relishing in surrender!

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