Earnest: A Novel

Kristin von Kreisler

ISBN 9781496700445
Publish Date 1/26/2016
Format ePub
Categories Fiction General, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $5.99

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From the bestselling author of An Unexpected Grace comes a richly insightful novel of matters of the heart—both human and canine—in an uplifting story of love, loyalty, and new beginnings…

Earnest. It’s the perfect name for a sweet, eager-to-please yellow Labrador retriever. Anna and her boyfriend Jeff fall for him the minute they see those guileless eyes gazing up from behind his gate at Seattle’s Best Friends Shelter. In no time at all, they’re a pack of three, with Earnest happily romping in their condo on Gamble Island.

During the day, Earnest keeps Anna company in her flower shop, located in a historic gingerbread Victorian on the island’s main street. Anna hopes to buy and restore the house, once owned by her beloved grandmother. But when that dream is threatened by Jeff’s actions, Anna’s trust is shattered. For so long, the house has encompassed all her ideals of security, home, and family. Yet Earnest’s devotion to his two people, and theirs to him, make it impossible for them to walk away from each other. And when a crisis hits, it’s Earnest—honest, stubborn, and uncannily wise—who will help Anna reconcile her past and embrace what the future can bring…

Praise for Earnest

“Earnest is a dog who desires only one thing, to keep his family intact. Kristin von Kreisler deftly spins a tale of human failings and canine devotion.” --Susan Wilson

“Kristin von Kreisler captures the emotional intelligence of Earnest, a dog who provides much-needed guidance to a couple spiraling into catastrophe.” --Jacqueline Sheehan

“A truly charming story sure to please dog lovers everywhere….Be prepared to fall in love with Earnest.” --Amy Hill Hearth

Earnest shows us, through the wisdom of a dog, what matters most in life.” --Nancy Thayer

About Kristin von Kreisler :

Kristin von Kreisler writes articles and bestselling books about animals. To get her stories, she followed a grizzly bear for a week, went hang gliding to see how an eagle felt soaring through the sky, and watched in awe as millions of bats emerged from a cave at dusk like clouds of smoke.

Kristin’s first two books, The Compassion of Animals and Beauty in the Beasts, pioneered the topics of animal emotion and morality. Her third book, For Bea, a memoir about her beagle freed from a medical lab, received warm praise from fellow animal lovers. “Bea is unforgettable,” said Mary Tyler Moore, and Betty White called the book “a lovely story.” Kristin’s books have been translated into ten languages.

She lives on an island in Washington. From her desk she watches ospreys and seals, and every day an otter wanders through the yard to go for a swim. Visit her on Facebook or at www.kristinvonkreisler.wordpress.com.

Photo Credit: Natalia Ilyin

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Earnest (Thursday, February 11, 2016)
Reviewer: Jbarr5

Earnest by Kristin Von Kreisler
This story starts out with Jeff and Anna and they've dated for 3 years and live together in a condo in the Northwest.
They decide to pick out a dog, Earnest and they divide their days with each spending time with the dog. They live as a family.
Jeff is an architect and is designing a new project for a house in town that he hopes will get the permits to demolish so they can rebuild a new facility to hold his girls' shop along with her two friends shops.
Problem is there is a fire, the dog gets hurt and Anna and her friends find out his project wants to destroy the house their businesses are in.
Anna won't listen to what he has to say and he leaves and she's left with the condo. She even takes steps to legally get Earnest. The dog also has some chapters where you understand what is happening to him during the separation.
Can they ever find it in their hearts to at least listen to one another, for the sake of the dog even? So many times of remembering how they met, certain events they attended throughout their years as it tugs on their hearts.
Loved all the flower classes and descriptions of the parks they frequent and his career and all he has to go through. Funny touching scenes when using online dating sites they meet.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

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