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What's Your Gay And Lesbian IQ

Ed Karvoski

ISBN 1575662957
Publish Date 6/1/1998
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Kensington, TV/Film/Theatre
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Do You Know...

  • What famous couple published a "statement" in response to speculations that they were gay?

  • What macho action star played a gay man who picks up a hitchhiker in a made-for-TV movie

  • What show-biz legend appeared in drag in a 1915 silent film?

  • What lesbian or gay bars are featured in the films Chasing Amy, Bound, Bar Girls, Torch Song Trilogy, and Police Academy?

  • Who remarked "It's very fashionable to be lesbian now" in the coming-out episode of Ellen?

  • What singer stated, "Everyone is more or less bisexual, people just don't want to admit it"?

  • What celebrity commented, "Without homosexuals, there would be no Hollywood, no theater, no arts"?

This is the definitive, absolutely fabulous challenge that puts every pop culture fan and trivia buff to the ultimate test. Here is the book that poses hundreds of intriguing questions about feature films, sitcoms, television dramas, talk shows, stand-up comedy, music, and theater—from headline news, to delightful dishing, to historic firsts, and all-time worsts.

Find out what's "in"—and who's really "out"—in the world of entertainment. Find out the answer to the question: What's Your Gay & Lesbian Entertainment I.Q.?

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