The Silence of the Chihuahuas: A Barking Detective Mystery #6

Waverly Curtis

ISBN 9781617730658
Publish Date 10/27/2015
Format ePub
Categories Mystery Cozy, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $2.99

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“This series is hilarious!” —RT Book Reviews

“Savvy sleuths come in small packages…”

Pepe, aspiring P.I. Geri Sullivan’s muy clever Chihuahua, has stopped talking. But why now, with Geri’s best friend Brad missing and her ditzy sister in grave danger? Geri’s lost without Pepe’s dogged detective work, especially when a client of Brad’s expires under very murky circumstances.

Luckily, Pepe turns out to be an excelente blogger, and his nose for clues soon has the detective duo chasing down leads. But they’ll have to put a bite on crime quickly, because danger’s afoot – and it’s making tracks in their direction . . .

Praise for the Barking Detective Mysteries

“A whole lot of fun!”—Seattle Times

“If you like a little Chihuahua with your mystery, Pepe is a perfect fit!” —Jennie Bentley

“Guaranteed: lots of smiles.” —Hudson Valley News

“A fun twist on the typical PI partnership.” —Simon Wood

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About Waverly Curtis:

Waverly Curtis is the joint byline for the mystery writing team Waverly Fitzgerald and Curtis Colbert.

Waverly Fitzgerald is the author of three historical romances under the name Nancy Fitzgerald. She has taught writing classes at the UCLA Writers Program, the University of Washington Extension, and regional conferences. She currently teaches at Richard Hugo House, the literary arts center in Seattle. She lives in Seattle with her daughter, Shaw, and Shaw’s Chihuahua, Pepe.

Curt Colbert is the author of the Jake Rossiter and Miss Jenkins mysteries. A Seattle native, Curt is also a poet and an avid history buff. Curt and his wife, Stephanie, live in a Seattle suburb under the thrall of their cat, Esmeralda.

For clues, tips, and 411, visit the website: www.thepepenovels.com.

The authors will donate a portion of their earnings from this book to the ASPCA®. To learn what you can do to help, visit www.aspca.org/donate.

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