Snowed In: A Southern Comfort Novella

Sarah Title

ISBN 9781601834539
Publish Date 2/17/2015
Format ePub
Categories Romance Contemporary, Lyrical Press
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Q&A with Sarah Title

What brings you the greatest joy?

Is it weird if I say my dog? I look at those puppy dog eyes and I just want to squish that face! It's a sickness.

What quote do you live by?

"Well behaved women seldom make history" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

What is your greatest indulgence?

I wind down with an awful lot of bad television. I got rid of cable in an effort to curb my addiction, so now I just watch the shopping channel and Criminal Minds reruns. So I guess my greatest indulgence is Shemar Moore. And Agent Hotchner. Something about that perpetual disapproving scowl...

What is on your nightstand?

A sleep mask that I have never worn because I am an excellent sleeper, and a gigantic pile of books, some of which may be overdue library books. (Oops.)

What is your pet peeve?

People who clip their fingernails in public. PEOPLE, WHY DO YOU DO THIS.

What talents do you wish you had?

I wish I was actually musical! I can carry a tune, but it's better if my voice is drowned out by a large chorus. My sister sings and plays the guitar, and she occasionally indulges me with a jam session as long as I stick to background harmony. Which I do with gusto; I just wish it sounded better.

What is your most irrational fear?

That people will like one of my books and then read the next one and realize I am actually the WORST PERSON EVER.

Who would you most like to have dinner with?

For reals, I would like to have dinner with Fabio. First of all, it would not hurt sitting across from that face. Second, I bet it would be all romantic and candlelit and there would probably be chocolate. Third, I have heard he is really nice. Also, he's been all around the world and met all kinds of people - I imagine he has some great stories.

Then we would talk about his process for writing "Rogue."

Who do you envy?

Basically anyone who makes it look easy...

What author had a profound effect on you?

Jennifer Crusie was the first contemporary romance author I read after a long time away, and it was beyond to read about women who were funny, smart, sometimes messed up, sometimes overweight, and always got the hottest guy in the room.

What do you wish you'd known when you were younger?

What exactly are you suggesting about my age???

What is the best compliment you ever received?

The first time a reader that I wasn't related to reached out to me and told me she liked my first book...I'm pretty much getting that Facebook message bronzed.

What surprises people most, once they get to know you?

I once had a boss who said to me, "I didn't think you'd actually be smart." Which. Um. I guess that's a good surprise?

Do you believe in writer's block?

If I say "no," what will you tell my editor???

Did you always want to be a writer?

Yes, but in between I also wanted to be a ballerina, an astronaut, an actress, and a lawyer. Of course, I would give it all up for actual musical talent and guaranteed rock stardom.

What piece of advice would you give aspiring writers?

Don't hit me, but: Write. It's the least sexy, most boring advice ever, but I'm telling you, it's the only advice that will work. Any opportunities you seize, any serendipitous meetings with publishing tycoons your best friend orchestrates, it will all amount to a big ol' nothing if you don't actually have any writing to show said publishing tycoon. I got my first contract through winning a contest...which I would not have been eligible to enter if I hadn't actually written the book. It ended up being a draft, but, look, it got my foot in the door (absent a handsome, dashing publishing tycoon). I wrote the first draft in baby steps every day, and then in bigger, thrashing wrestling matches as the story threatened to go off of its prescribed path. But you just gotta sit down and do it.

For what it's worth, I hate it when people say that to me. But I still need to hear it!

There’s nothing like a hot kiss on a cold day…

Librarian Maureen O’Connell might have predicted she’d find herself crying into the ice cream case at the supermarket after a bad breakup—but she definitely never imagined that a guy hot enough to melt the Rocky Road would flirt with her right there in the freezer aisle. Only Gavin Fraser isn’t a fantasy, he’s a mouth-watering new flavor…

When a freak snowstorm strands Maureen at Gavin’s after just one date, it’s a perfect excuse for something a lot steamier than hot chocolate in front of the fire. It’s definitely lust. Can it also be love?

About Sarah Title :

Sarah Title has worked as a barista, a secretary, a furniture painter, and once managed a team of giant walking beans. She currently leads a much more normal life as a mild-mannered(ish) librarian in North Carolina. She is the author of the Southern Comfort series, set in small-town Kentucky; Kentucky Home, her first novel, was published in 2013. She comments irregularly and insightfully on her blog, Title, Author, at sarahtitle.com, and if you like pictures of elderly poodles, follow her on Instagram (@titleauthor), Twitter (@titleauthor), and Facebook (facebook.com/sarahtitlebooks).

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