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Sandpiper Island: The Bachelors of Blueberry Cove #3

Donna Kauffman

ISBN 9781420136951
Publish Date 1/27/2015
Format Paperback
Categories Contemporary, Zebra
List Price: $7.99

Q&A : Donna Kauffman

What brings you the greatest joy?

That list is so long, I don’t even know where to begin. My family, my children would top that list. Beyond that, the thrill knowing I get to do what I’m most passionate about and have somehow managed to find a way to make a living at it. A recent move to the mountains has begun a new phase of life and is turning out to be one of the most joyful times of my life as well. It’s been a long time goal of mine and now that my two sons are grown and making their own way, I finally up and did it. And it’s been every bit as fabulous as I thought it would be, and then some. My family loves coming to visit, to hike, paddle the river, and take in the beauty, and it’s a great place for entertaining, so it’s been win-win all around. Now, if they would just get started on making me a few grandbabies…

What makes you smile?

See above. :)

What quote do you live by?

It’s not a quote so much as my personal motivational thought and one I absolutely live by. “Be hopeful. Nothing stays the same. So it can always get better. Work towards better."

What is your greatest indulgence?

In my new mountain retreat, I have the spa tub to end all spa tubs. I think I could live in that spa tub if only someone would regularly feed me. And, you know, write my books, water my plants, feed the birds, weed the garden…

What makes you laugh?

Life. Myself. (Far too often. I’m all Lucy, no Ethel.) Laughter is the chicken soup for my soul.

What is most satisfying?

Completing things. Whether it be writing a book or getting the garden mulched, finishing a cross-stitch project, or finally organizing my junk drawer(s)—again—it’s immensely satisfying getting to The End of a task.

What is on your nightstand?

Currently, a book on miniature landscaping. It’s my latest passion (indulgence, new learning curve, and all around reason to procrastinate completing more important tasks…) I’ve started taking classes and experimenting with both indoor and outdoor tiny landscapes (think fairy gardens) am loving every tiny pathway and miniature fern and flower. It’s my version of zen gardening. (And weeding is so much easier!)

Who would you most like to have dinner with?

Gosh, what a tantalizing question. So hard to choose. If she were still alive, hands down, Katherine Hepburn. Long an idol of mine. But just for the fun and most assuredly fabulous conversation and laughter, I’ll take Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow. I know that’s two, but seriously, imagine the potential depth and breadth of that dinner conversation. And the nosh. I’m a night owl, so I have dinner with them most nights anyway, so it’s only right they actually show up in person at least once, right?

What author had a profound effect on you?

Nora Roberts, as a writer, and as a friend and mentor. Her early works inspired me as a reader and a writer, as they still do today. I was fortunate enough to join a writer’s group in the early years of my career that she was also belonged to, and her friendship and encouragement, as well as her work ethic, really pushed me to continue to strive toward the goals I’d set for myself. I’ve now been a published author for over twenty years, and I get to pursue my passion every day. She’s a big part of why that is so.

What do you wish you'd known when you were younger?

Not to sweat the small stuff so much. And what really is the small stuff. To think bigger picture when deciding what to stress over, and what, ultimately, is really not worth the time and energy.

What is the best compliment you ever received?

As a writer, it was the first time I got a letter from a reader who confessed she’d stayed up all night because she couldn’t put my book down, she just had to find out how it ended. I am that reader when it comes to my favorite authors. To know I’d succeeded in being that author for someone else? Thrilling!

What surprises people most, once they get to know you?

That I really do spend the greater part of my days all by myself (writing) and not talking. :)

Do you believe in writer's block?

No. This harkens back to The Nora Effect. I hear her every time I think I can’t get another page out of me. "This is your job. Plant your backside in the chair and make things happen. Even if those things get revised, rethought, or completely scratched later, you put words on the page. That’s the only way you can continue figuring out what happens next.” She’s the next best thing to having a nun with a ruler standing over you while you work.

What piece of advice would you give aspiring writers?

If this is your passion, if you have “voices in your head” that won’t shut up, the ones telling you a story, then don’t give up. Write it down, get it out, and then keep working on it. Work on telling that story, and all the ones that come after it. Because the stories don’t stop. That’s how you’re wired. You’re a writer. So write.

"Donna Kauffman's a must-read!" --Jill Shalvis

"You're going to love Donna Kauffman!" --Lori Foster

Ford Maddox was running from his past when he came back to Blueberry Cove, Maine, where he'd tasted both heartache and comfort. With feisty Delia O'Reilly there to cheer him on, he couldn't have picked a better place to start over--even if he's determined to do it alone in his island tree house, working to save endangered seabirds...and himself.  But when he finds Delia fighting to hold on to her local diner, and all that's best about their little seaside town, Ford has to lend a hand. Suddenly two fiercely independent people are building something sweeter than they ever imagined. . .together.

DIY is so much better with two...

Includes an easy do-it-yourself restoration project!

About Donna Kauffman:

Donna Kauffman is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over 70 novels, translated and sold in more than 26 countries around the world. Born into the maelstrom of Washington, D.C., politics, she now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where she is surrounded by a completely different kind of wildlife. A contributing blogger for, she is also a DIYer, a baker, a gardener and a volunteer transporter for the Wildlife Center of Virginia and Rockfish Sanctuary. Please visit her online at


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