Alien Attachments: Alien Attachments #1

Sabine Priestley

ISBN 9781616505660
Publish Date 8/18/2014
Format ePub
Categories Romance Science Fiction, Lyrical Press
List Price: $1.99

Will their love be strong enough to keep them alive and get them back to Earth?

Finding one’s psi-mate is something every Sandarian hopes for, but when Ian Cavacent accidentally starts the bonding process with the Earthling, Dani, he has to fight his desire with every ounce of his being. If the process is completed, it means both political and financial suicide for Ian and his family.

A natural klutz, Dani somehow always manages to land on her feet and win her mixed martial arts matches. At home on Cat Island, her balance is thrown when bazillionaire Ian takes notice. Unfortunately some Torog aliens also take notice, sending her life spiraling out of control and into Ian’s arms. But Dani isn’t the type of woman to let alien voodoo decide her future or her mate…no matter how gorgeous the man is or how much pleasure he gives her.

For centuries the Cavacents have mined Earth for a precious element, carnium, while protecting the planet from other alien species. Thanks to the Torogs, Dani and Ian must flee to Sandaria. As Dani learns to use her newfound psi powers, the empire crumbles around them.

About Sabine Priestley:

I grew up in Phoenix, but have I’ve lived in AZ, CA, CO, UT, ID, TX, MA and FL. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering Technologies and did everything but my thesis for a Masters degree in Cultural Anthropology (looking at the nexus of culture and technology). I was a Project Manager flying back and forth between Tucson and Boston when I met my very own alien. I spent a year running the QA department for a seriously cool and under appreciated computer telephony system then moved to California where I ran a small tech support group for a company making DSL routers before anyone knew what DSL was. A life long fan of Science Fiction and Romance novels, Alien Attachments naturally gelled in my head. There was simply no stopping it. My husband and children are, bar none, the best in this or any other universe. 

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