Tall, Dark and Royal: The Renegade Royals

Vanessa Kelly

ISBN 9781420131314
Publish Date 11/25/2014
Format ePub
Categories E-only, Romance Historical, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $1.99

He's the man behind the mission to track down the illegitimate children of England’s Royal Princes and help them get their due. But his deepest desire is far more personal…

Magnificent and stubborn. Fourteen years apart had not changed Chloe Steele, or Dominic Hunter’s love for her. He’d been a street urchin, a boy raised at court, and finally a magistrate, yet he’d never belonged anywhere—except by her side. Now Chloe devoted herself to girls threatened by scandal—like she had been. But she was in danger, and Dominic was determined to help—and hopefully make up for lost time…

Even in childhood, Dominic had made Chloe feel safe. Now she also felt thrillingly flustered by the powerful man he’d become, and by the longing he inspired. Because Dominic meant not only to protect her, but to untangle the lies that had separated them. Yet for Chloe, surrendering to temptation may be easier than risking a future that could ruin them both…

Praise for Vanessa Kelly’s Renegade Royals series

“Has all the elements of my favorite novels—a bad boy hero, a spirited heroine, a dash of intrigue, and a sizzling romance. Put her on your auto-buy list; you won’t be disappointed.” --Shana Galen

“Will definitely resonate with fans of Mary Jo Putney and Joanne Bourne.” --Booklist

“Diverting dialogue, delightful surprises and finely tuned pacing to make this a winner.” --Publishers Weekly (starred review)

About Vanessa Kelly:

Vanessa Kelly is the award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of The Improper Princesses series, the Clan Kendrick, The Renegade Royals and The Stanton Family series, in addition to other historical romances. Named by Booklist as one of the “Stars of Historical Romance,” her books have been translated into eleven languages and published internationally. In graduate school, Vanessa specialized in the study of eighteenth-century British fiction and is known for developing vibrant Regency settings, appealing characters, and witty story lines that captivate readers. She lives with her husband in Ottawa. Visit her online at vanessakellyauthor.com or join the Clan Kendrick Facebook Group at facebook.com/groups/ClanKendrick.

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FINALLY DOMINIC & CHLOE'S STORY IS TOLD (Tuesday, January 6, 2015)
Reviewer: Patty McKenna Van Hulle

A FAIRY GODDUDE gets his PIXIE DUST recalled & he gets reunited with his lost love, but 1 of his godkids gets such SWEET PAYBACK by causing him some much needed MAYHEM!

Poor Chloe Steele was seduced by a royal duke at 14 & gave birth at 15, but she was made by her vicar uncle to abandon her baby boy, Griffin. She was sent to all girls school to learn a trade & was soon hired as a companion to a wealth childless lady, but she was truly embraced & loved by her. When her employer died, she was left all her money & she set up a sanctuary for girls that are in the same situations as she was, alone, pregnant & unwanted. Chloe also find & keep her eyes on her son, Griffin, but she did it in the background because her lost love, Sir Dominic Hunter, also had his eye on Griffin.

Sir Dominic Hunter is England's head spymaster & he also has a side job as the FAIRY GODDUDE to his pack of royal illegitimate BAD BOYS! He has no problem finding his BOYS their perfect female mate, throwing them together in chaos & watching the fur & live fly. He has only 1 regret & that is Chloe Steele, who is his lost love from his childhood, but Dominic at least has her son in his life.

With Chloe back from the so-called dead, Dominic has want he most CRAVES at his fingertips, but Chloe has stubbornness on STERIODS! Soon she needs Dominic helps with a PISSED OFF crime lord's nephew causing a ruckus at her pregnant girls & babies sanctuary. Now her son gets to cause all kinds of payback mayhem on Dominic's head & he is so loving it! With all the craziness, Chloe & Dominic find themselves at a spy safe house, so Dominic wants to get down & dirty with Chloe ASAP & soon many mutual screaming orgasms are rocking the safe house! Chloe refuses his proposal because she doesn't want to be outed as alive to Griffin's royal father & screw up Dominic's career. Can Dominic gets his own Happily Ever After with Chloe? Will Chloe toss caution to he wind & grab ahold of her lost love & never let go? How much payback will Griffin get?

As I have read thru this Renegade Royals series, all I have wanted is to FINALLY read Chloe & Dominic's story & I have to say, "Ms. Kelly ROCKED IT!" Poor Chloe was weak & seduces by a mean royal duke & all she got out of the "less than minute deal" was exiled. Chloe did have Griffin, but she was made to abandon him, but all she did was make up or atone for her past mistakes by being 24/7 & 365 days MOM to her sanctuary girls & babies. Now Dominic has been putting his claimed clan of BAD BOYS thru living HADES & I was so glad that Ms. Kelly twisted up her tale with 1 of his happily ever after boys getting some SWEET PAYBACK & put Dominic's life into kooky MAYHEM! I also thought that his adopted clan was his way of atoning for not saving his own lost love, Chloe. I generally don't enjoy an 40 something couple, but Ms. Kelly made her h/h the YUMMIEST older couple romance I have read in a long time. Now this was a 2.5 book, Ms. Kelly didn't skip out on the NAUGHTINESS & had many toe curling moments & undies scorching scenes that made this tale SNAP, CRACKLE & KABOOM! I have awaited this tale for so long & I must say that Ms. Kelly made it was so worth the wait! Now 2015 has just started, but I can only give Ms. Kelly my 1st top score of 2015 of 5 fingers up & 10 toes for this tale of reunited lost loves!

NetGalley ARC given for my honest review.

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