The Bet

Lucinda Betts

ISBN 9781617737329
Publish Date 5/27/2014
Format ePub
Categories Erotica , Kensington Ebooks, E-only
List Price: $2.99

If golden girl Zoe wins the company's big promotion, she gets Phillip's bonus. If Phillip wins, Zoe's his sex slave for twenty-four hours. Losing? That is so not going to happen. She'd rather chew off her foot. Phillip has other ideas. He'd rather be in charge of a sinfully uninhibited fantasy encounter. But once all bets are off, there's no going back...

"Betts pens a sexy and fascinating story." --RT Book Reviews on What She Wants

About Lucinda Betts:

Lucinda Betts writes romance because she loves exploring the internal battle strong women face when they fall in love—and her heroes always make yielding worth the trouble. Lucinda is a winner of numerous writing awards, including the prestigious Gayle Wilson Award for Excellence in Writing, the Reviewers Choice Award Winner at Road to Romance, the Fallen Angels Reviewers Choice, and the CTRR Award. She was also a 2006 PEARL finalist in the Best Debut Author category. Like all romance writers, Lucinda lives in a windswept castle with her handsome prince. They help each other battle ferocious dragon when not surveying the Amazonian rainforests or the plains of East Africa.

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