Thwarting Cupid

Lori Crawford

ISBN 9781616503727
Publish Date 5/1/2012
Format ePub
Categories Lyrical Press, Romance Fantasy
List Price: $0.99

When good cupids go bad...

Carissa Langston is a perfectly lovely woman, so she can't figure out why she's always been single. The higher ups at Cupid Headquarters are wondering the same thing.

What none of them knows is that Quincy, her assigned cupid, fancies himself in love with her. He doesn't think anyone will ever be good enough for her--especially not that James "Hutch" Hutchington person. Who cares if the man is really Carissa's soul mate?

When Carissa and Hutch run into one another after years apart, sparks fly. Quincy does some fancy cupiding to keep them apart--no matter the cost. Can Carissa and Hutch thwart cupid and reach their happily ever after?

WARNING: Cupid hijinks, sexy chemistry between soul mates, and adult content.

About Lori Crawford:

Lori Beth Crawford has two great passions. Television and writing. As a child, she was a walking TV guide. When not watching TV, she was devouring every book she could get her hands on. Nearly a decade later, her love for reading developed into a passion for writing. She graduated from short stories and imaginary friends to write her first novel when she turned sixteen. It went on to languish in the bottom of a drawer where it rightfully belongs.

Lori went to Washington University in St. Louis with the sole intention of becoming a lawyer. She adored her participation in undergraduate mock trials. Even though she garnered outstanding witness and outstanding attorney awards something was missing. She just could not shake her passion for writing and television.
The summer after her sophomore year, Lori won an internship at CBS News in New York. Even though she was never a fan of news programs, she eagerly took the position. Upon arrival, she was ecstatic to learn that As The World Turns, her favorite daytime drama, was filmed in the same building. Their writers' assistant took her to lunch before the summer was over and she was hooked. She finally discovered how she was going to combine her two passions. Lori was going to write for television.
She returned to college and jumped wholeheartedly into entertainment. She produced Black Anthology during her junior year and turned the first profit in the show's history. When she produced it the next year, they were able to work with an increased budget due to the previous year's success.

After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology and Writing, Lori moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. She set out to gain experience in the entertainment industry by obtaining access to sets via background work. From there she moved on to work in offices at such auspicious companies as Warner Bros., HBO, Court TV, Disney Television Animation and Touchstone Television.

She's been a Preacher's Kid her whole life.

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