Unexpected Destinies

Constance Ruth Clark

ISBN 9781616504106
Publish Date 9/12/2014
Format ePub
Categories Romance Fantasy, Lyrical Press
List Price: $0.99

Can a sweet, meddling goddess unite soul mates?

Does anyone ever truly forget their first love? When a chance encounter reunites top model Jayne Stapleton with her her high school sweetheart, she is torn between wishing she could forget the man who broke her heart 15 years ago and wishing she could have him back. Will she embrace the path destiny has opened for her or allow her fears to ride roughshod over her heart?

A killer is on the loose and Detective Nick Graham has made it his mission to prevent him from claiming another victim. When the trail leads to the one woman he's never forgotten, he's all the more determined to make her realize how much she needs him back in her life. Fate has given Nick another chance. Can he keep Jayne safe or will she run straight into the killer's arms?

Agatha, Goddess second division, Department of Love, is tasked with uniting soul mates. Of late, however, it seems like she's being sabotaged. Can she help Nick and Jayne find their destiny with each other, or has Cupid's arrow picked the wrong hearts?

59,133 Words

About Constance Ruth Clark:

While Anne of Green Gables found her bosom buddy in the looking glass, I found mine in books. It wasn't long after I learned how to read that I was making up stories of my own. No matter how a story begins, all my stories must end with 'happily ever after'. After years of waiting I finally got my own happily ever after with Mr. Right, two children and a mismatched set of dogs. Avoiding housework as if it were the plague, I spend days sitting at my computer and writing romantic fiction. I call it work if anyone asks.

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