Screaming Yellow: Laverstone Chronicles #1

Rachel Green

ISBN 9781616501945
Publish Date 9/20/2010
Format ePub
Categories Erotic Contemporary, Lyrical Press
List Price: $0.99

A Catholic priest and a pagan priestess come together to solve the murder of a sex-guru.

Pagan priestess Meinwen Jones moves 300 miles to meet up with a man who turns up dead. She’s approached by Father Roberts, who needs her help to uncover the dead man’s secrets.

Why did he have so many women around him, and why do they all have matching tattoos? Just who was having an affair with the old lady who hung herself, and when will the priest stop putting out Meinwen’s ritual fires?

Content warning: BDSM, Erotic pain and violence, polyamory and murder.

83,000 Words

About Rachel Green:

Rachel Green is a forty-something writer from Derbyshire She lives with her two partners and dogs. Although primarily a novelist, she also writes plays and poetry. When not writing, Rachel walks her dogs, potters in the garden and trains in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu six days a week. She twitters a haiku daily. She can also be found on Facebook (leatherdykeuk) and Twitter (@leatherdykeuk)

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