Moonlight and Magick

Isobael Liu

ISBN 9781616501488
Publish Date 5/3/2010
Format ePub
Categories Romance Fantasy, Lyrical Press
List Price: $0.99

All she wanted was a quiet, normal life...but you don't always get what you want.

Lilian Quinn came to this remote town to start a new life. No one knew she had escaped from Custodes Secreti, a secret organization dedicated to using people with strange abilities for their own ends. All she wanted was a quiet, normal existence. Even if it meant living a lie.

Matthias Romulus was content to be the Alpha werewolf of the local pack, until he bumped into Lilian. Powerfully drawn to her, he stepped in to help her when the Custodes Secreti tracked her down. He didn’t know she was trained in much more than waiting tables.

With Lilian’s murderous ex-boyfriend coming after her and secret agents on her trail, the strange dreams she’s been having are only the beginning. Matthias has problems of his own with his pack giving ultimatums. Can a psychic woman and an alpha wolf come together to resolve the issues of their hearts—and the issues of their continued survival?

71,998 Words

About Isobael Liu:

About Isobael Liu ...Even at a young age, Isobael Liu had a notebook and pen in hand. During regular classes, she'd be scribbling story ideas on her class notes. During choir, she'd be scribbling story plots on her music sheet. Isobael is a writer, through and through. A deep love of the romance genre, Isobael turned her attention to writing romantic stories, but her true love was the paranormal. Growing up, she'd heard the legends, myths, and ghost stories of her Taiwanese heritage, as well as the Western world's from her Scottish American heritage. With deep and abiding respect to both heritages, she began researching those things that went "bump in the night" and an obsession was created. Turning her writing to include the newfound obsession, Isobael has penned short stories, novellas, and now a novel that include some form of her fascination, from vampires to werewolves, faeries to ghosts, magick, and even a smattering of psychic abilities. When she’s not writing, Isobael can be found working with a raptor on her falconry license, crocheting, or having tea parties with her daughter. She can also be found in the kitchen, cooking up some treats, like home baked scones! Isobael makes her home in Washington State, is happily married, and has one daughter. Currently, she works as a dining room supervisor in an upscale retirement home and is owned by a Redtail Hawk named Dante, and a dog named Jackson.

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